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Chinese Junk Watch – Knape & Vogt Workstations

They are sold under the brand names: Adas Elevo Sit-to-Stand Desktop, K&A Manufacturing Helium Surface, 3M Precision Standing Desk, Inscape Rockit, Neutral Posture Ergonomics StandUp X1, Workrite Ergonomics Solace Desktop, Volante and IMOVR Ziplift. Continue reading

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Fujitsu and Autonomic Announce Mobility Services Partnership

The software, comprised of Fujitsu’s systems integration services and Autonomic’s transportation mobility cloud, is said to expand cloud mobility services to advance ride sharing, fleet management and autonomous car routing services. Continue reading

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Commerce Identifies Entities of National Security Concern

This list contains the names of foreign parties that are subject to specific license requirements for the export, reexport, and/or in-country transfer of controlled items, ensuring that sensitive technologies do not fall into the hands of those who would threaten U.S. national security or American citizens. Continue reading

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Renault, Klépierre Join on Shopping Center Mobility Services

Groupe Renault and Klépierre are also developing multi-use charging hubs for electric vehicles, dubbed “Charging Houses or Maisons de charge.” These stations will be installed by Groupe Renault in the car parks of shopping centers located in high population areas and will be used primarily by visitors during the day and residents at night and on weekends. Continue reading

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Bad BMW Recalls on X, Battery Hybrid and Electrical Models

BMW of North America is recalling 2019 X3 sDrive30i, X3 xDrive30i, X3 M40i, and X4 M40i vehicles. The instrument panel assembly may have been improperly manufactured, affecting the deployment of the passenger’s frontal air bag. The German maker is also recalling 2018 i3 BEV and i3 REx hybrid electric vehicles.  Continue reading

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Aston Martin Rapide E Driving Debut at Monaco

Aston says that the final allocations for Aston Martin Rapide E are available “with pricing on application.” Continue reading

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Chinese-Owned MG ZS EV Makes European Debut in London

It’s just the latest example of  how China is poised to take leadership in the design, development and manufacturing of electric vehicles because of government policies that are forcing the growth and ownership of intellectual property, high tech manufacturing, advanced electronic and automotive engineering and all things that are state of the art – ultimately to the expense of Western Automakers who led the way there. Continue reading

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Ford GoRide Health Launches First Public Service

GoRide Health is operating in Toledo now, with service coming to Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus by the end of the year. Later this year, the business plans to begin offering its services in major cities in Florida, beginning with Miami. In 2020, it plans to expand to several other states, including North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, and California. Continue reading

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Sigma Systems, Tech Mahindra to Launch Connected Car Service Subscription for Un-Named Global Automaker

The software will control the automaker’s consumer digital “experience on new connectivity services” while being mobile network agnostic. The platform – it’s claimed – will provide life-cycle running of connected car services and subscriptions, manage roaming scenarios and control data consumption. Continue reading

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Unifor Saves Some Canadian Jobs as GM Blinks on Oshawa

This fight has international ramifications stretching beyond next year when the Canadian autoworkers and the UAW contracts expire at the Detroit Three. While not official, this makes the beginning of bargaining table battles that will cast a large shadow on the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Continue reading

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Foreign Born US Population at Historic Levels

The number of foreign-born* residents in the United States has varied over the past 165 years. By 2016, 13.5% of the U.S. population was foreign-born, a level that rivaled historic highs, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Continue reading

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For What It’s Worth – Harley-Davidson Tops Response Ratings

Scores ranged from zero to 100, with 21% of dealerships nationwide scoring above 60%; 58% of scored below 40. Whether this means anything is debatable. Continue reading

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The Product Liability Swamp – Louisiana Ford Investigation

Beginning in January 2018*, several consumer class action lawsuits were filed against Ford on numerous grounds, including fraud and racketeering, based on alleged misrepresentations it made regarding the emissions standards of certain Ford vehicles including 2011-2017 F250 and F350 Super Duty trucks when promoting and marketing them.  Allegedly the vehicles with the help of Robert Bosch employed “defeat devices” to turn down emissions controls to give Ford the ability to obtain and market higher power and fuel efficiency ratings from its engines while still passing emissions certifications tests. Continue reading

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Hispanics and Millennials – Big Changes in 2020 Electorate

Non-whites will account for a third of eligible voters – their largest share ever – driven by long-term increases among certain groups, especially Hispanics. At the same time, one-in-ten eligible voters will be members of Generation Z,  the Americans who will be between the ages 18 and 23 next year. That will occur as Millennials and all other older generations account for a smaller share of eligible voters than they did in 2016. Continue reading

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Chevrolet Camaro 2020 Updates are Modest

Perhaps it’s not surprising given GM’s justifiable obsessions with trucks and autonomous vehicles that a SS like appearance, a new LT1 V8 model and 10-speed option with the 3.6L V6 are all there is for the 2020 Camaro. Continue reading

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