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Robo-taxis – Hyundai Mobis MOU with Yandex in Russia

No surprise here that Mobis has a new link up with a with an IT company to develop an autonomous driving platform. Today Hyundai Mobis announced that it has entered into an MOU for joint development of an AI-based autonomous driving platform with Yandex, one of the Europe’s largest internet companies that builds intelligent products and services powered by machine learning. Continue reading

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Toyota and Suzuki Agree to Consider a New Collaboration

The slow-moving Japanese companies say Toyota’s strength in electrification technologies and Suzuki’s strength in technologies for compact vehicles, allows for growth through joint collaboration in production and in the popularization of electrified vehicles. Continue reading

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The Joy of S** as Ford Ups Production

Last October, Ford showed its then new “Built Ford Proud” advertising campaign saying that new vehicles are coming in 2019. The ads were the first output following the redesign of Ford’s global marketing. Continue reading

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CAR: Automated Driving Technologies Can Contribute to Healthcare Industry? Great…

The healthcare industry, in CAR’s view is one of the industries that could benefit. “The human factor in the automated vehicle system—either as a driver in the very early stages of the technology or as passengers in the fully automated vehicles—creates a critical opportunity for the healthcare industry to become active in the discussions around CAVs,” claims Zahra Bahrani Fard, Transportation Systems Analyst at CAR. Continue reading

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Gen 12 Corolla Rolls Off the Line at Toyota Mississippi

More than 2,000 people come together each day in Blue Springs to build the world’s most popular compact sedan – 46 million vehicles sold globally since its introduction in 1966 – for customers across the Americas and the Caribbean. Continue reading

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Porsche Dealerships Adopt New Corporate Architecture

It seems that every time Porsche executives get bored they go shopping for a new, and decidedly more expensive look. The first Porsche Experience Center opened on the factory grounds in Leipzig in 2002. It was followed by Silverstone (UK, 2008), Atlanta (USA, 2015), Le Mans (France, 2015), and Los Angeles (USA, 2016). A new center in Shanghai (China) was added in April 2018. (View AutoInformed on Porsche Opens Experience Center in Los Angeles) Continue reading

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Damning SEC Charges on Volkswagen ‘Clean Diesel’ Fraud

2. Winterkorn and other VW executives were made aware of the defeat device as early as November 2007, during a meeting with VW engineers, to discuss the emissions problems with VW’s “clean diesel” vehicles. Continue reading

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Sebring This Weekend – Endurance Test for Sports Cars, Fans

Two Porsche 911 RSR cars* on Friday will race more than 1,000 miles at round six of the Sports Car World Endurance Championship (aka WEC), with another two identical Porsche models on Saturday undertaking the twelve-hour IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship at the so-called Super Sebring race this weekend. Continue reading

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Toyota Gazoo Racing Enters e-Motorsports

Toyota claims that  involving e-motorsports as one of the pillars of TGR motorsports activities, shows it is actively working to make motorsports and sport cars more accessible, and enjoyable across generations and around the world. Owners of the Gran Turismo Sport for PS4 and PS4 software; are eligible and  participants must be six years old or older. There will be 13 rounds scheduled for 2019 with a one-race final event held at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. Continue reading

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Nissan on Asia and Oceania’s Mobility Trends

The seventh edition of the global event was held early in March in Hong Kong. Under the theme “Transform the way we live and drive,” it brought together representatives from 13 countries to discuss how vehicles, cities and mobility infrastructures are evolving. Continue reading

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Mercedes-AMG GT 53/63 Starts at +$100,000. Tops +$160,000

EQ Boost on the 53 model uses stored electric power from a 48-volt battery through an
Integrated-Starter-Generator, a powerful electric motor that combines the
functions of a starter and an alternator. This  assists the
internal combustion engine with up to an additional 21 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft.
of torque at low engine speeds. The Electric Auxiliary Compressor, exclusive to
AMG 53 models, assists in spooling the engine’s exhaust-gas-driven turbocharger
quickly at low-to-mid speeds, and it is capable of reaching 70,000 rpm in less
than a third of a second. Continue reading

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Toyota’s Growing $13 Billion Investment in U.S.

The new investments include adding the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, the best-selling SUV in the U.S., and Lexus ES 300h hybrid vehicle production at its Georgetown, Kentucky, manufacturing plant; expanding engine capacity at its Huntsville, Alabama, facility; doubling hybrid transaxle capacity at its plant in Buffalo, West Virginia; and a building expansion for additional castings at Bodine Aluminum’s Jackson, Tennessee, facility as well as additional castings at its Troy, Missouri, facility. Continue reading

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TomTom and Elektrobit Release First High Definition Map Horizon for Automated Driving

By streaming the latest TomTom HD Maps via TomTom AutoStream through Elektrobit’s “EB robinos Predictor” onboard software, the HD map horizon targets vehicles with a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Automation Level of 2 and higher. It is compliant with the automotive industry’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Interface Specification (ADASIS) v3 protocol. Continue reading

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Mitsubishi, Nissan Launch New Kei Cars as Alliance Grows

Production of the all-new Mitsubishi eK wagon, Mitsubishi eK X, Nissan Dayz, and Nissan Dayz Highway Star, began today at Mitsubishi’s Mizushima Plant in Kurashiki, Japan. For the first time, the models will be offered with semi-autonomous driving technology, designed for single-lane use on highways. The models will go on sale in Japan later this month. Continue reading

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Fiat-Chrysler Recalls More Than 850,000 Passenger Vehicles

In most of the country the real news is that this is a voluntary recall. But in California, drivers who fail to get the necessary repairs will not be able to register their vehicles. NOx emissions in California are the most important contributor to ambient ozone and a key contributor to fine particulate matter pollution (PM 2.5) which is associated with premature death, asthma emergency room visits, increased hospitalizations due to exacerbation of chronic heart and lung diseases, and other serious negative health problems. There is also a corporate health problem in that the cost of the health defect will likely be material to financial results, thereby requiring an SEC filing. Continue reading

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