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California Remains Below 2020 Emissions Target

Executive Summary: California’s latest greenhouse gas data shows that while the state continues to stay below its 2020 target for emissions, there is much more work to do to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. Executive Order N-79-20 issued 23 September by California Governor Newsom recognized that achieving our air quality and climate goals hinge on transforming the state’s transportation sector. In that order, the Governor calls for 100% sales of zero emission light-duty vehicles by 2035. Continue reading

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CARB Warns Vehicle, Engine Makers on Emissions Cheating

The move comes as CARB nears completion of a new testing lab that gives the agency greater ability to detect these unapproved programs. Given the sorry history of so-called cycle cheating on CARB and EPA compliance tests, it’s not surprising that CARB is increasing efforts to protect public health and reduce combustion pollution. Continue reading

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Random Covid Curiosities

For the new Ghost, which debuts in autumn 2020, this technology has been developed to incorporate hardware and software improvements, collectively dubbed the MicroEnvironment Purification System. Impurity Detection Sensors have been introduced to detect ambient pollution levels, automatically switching fresh air intakes to Recirculation Mode if unacceptable levels of airborne contaminants are present. This channels all cabin air through a Nanofleece filter, which can remove nearly all ultra-fine particles, viruses and bacteria from the Rolls-Royce’s interior in less than two minutes. Continue reading

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ZF Seatbelt Retractor Recall Bites Corvette, Jeep, Ram

The safety defect appeared at GM during barrier testing of a 2023 model year Corvette. GM worked with ZF to analyze the root cause of the retractor failure, including teardowns, computer analysis, and CAE simulations. That analysis showed that the retractor failure was caused by the locking mechanism not being properly engaged. The same part is used on current production models. Continue reading

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Chinese, Malaysian owned Lotus Engineering Expands Hethel

In 2020 Lotus Engineering celebrates 40 years since it was formally incorporated. The consultancy claims to provide a comprehensive range of technical services to automotive manufacturers and suppliers. While much of its work and list of clients remains confidential, its ‘greatest hits’ include some of the best-known and most-loved performance cars of all time such as the Lotus Cortina, the Lotus Carlton, the Lotus Sunbeam and others. Continue reading

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InoBat – First Battery Developed With Artificial Intelligence?

What’s not clear is how InoBat can compete with major automakers, many of whom seeing selling their EV developed technologies to other companies as a way to offset costs and generate profits. GM’s Ultium battery business is just one example. Continue reading

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Covid Casualties – U.S. and China Images Declining

Few in the countries surveyed have confidence in the leader of either the U.S. or China, and many are critical of how both countries have handled the coronavirus outbreak. On most measures included in the survey, people are even more critical of the U.S. than of China. However more still have favorable opinions of the U.S. Continue reading

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Covid Causalities: US Trade Deficit Continues to Increase

Particularly worrisome for the Covid -Sick US economy were goods deficits with countries that effectively addressed the Covid-19 crisis with strong central government responses: In billions of dollars, with China ($26.4), European Union ($15.7), Mexico ($12.5), Germany ($4.6), Japan ($4.3), Italy ($2.6), France ($2.2), South Korea ($2.2), and Canada ($1.2). Continue reading

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Education, Hospitals, Police – Comprise the Largest State and Local Government Employment Groups

Full-time state and local government payroll increased 3.4% to $79 billion, and part-time employees’ payroll totaled $6.8 billion. Continue reading

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Used Electric Vehicle Battery Reports Offered by Recurrent

“Recurrent is working on an important question we get all the time from our customers at iDrive,” said Dink Davis, Owner, iDrive1 Motorcars. “We’re one of the largest pre-owned Tesla dealerships in the country and are thrilled to offer Recurrent’s vehicle reports to our customers.” Continue reading

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JR East, Hitachi, Toyota to Develop Fuel Cell Railway Vehicles

The development of innovative rolling stock powered by hydrogen in theory will contribute to the development of a low-carbon society as it helps to curb global warming and diversify energy sources. Hydrogen ensures minimal environmental impact because it does not emit any carbon dioxide when used as an energy source. It can be produced from various raw materials using renewable energy. Continue reading

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New Mercedes-Benz Strategy Aimed to Help Higher Profits

This follows the Q2 Daimler disaster. The COVID pandemic or the Grim Reaper saw a decline in demand for cars, vans, trucks and buses. Group total sales decreased by -34% to 541,800 cars and commercial vehicles (Q2 2019: 821,700). Revenue slipped significantly by -29% to €30.2 billion (Q2 2019: €42.7 billion). EBIT was minus -€1,682 million (Q2 2019: minus -€1,558 million). Adjusted EBIT was -€708 million (Q2 2019: plus €2,447 million). Continue reading

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Toyota, Hino to Make Class-8 Fuel-Cell Electric Truck

Toyota Motor North America and Hino USA have agreed to jointly develop a Class-8 fuel-cell electric truck for the North American market. With the expanding interest in heavy-duty electric trucks prompted by government demands and the global warming crisis, it’s the latest foray into the well-funded and planet destroying fossel fuel wars by the latter day purveyorsand avatars of dinosaurs – Big Oil. Continue reading

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Ford Recalls Defective Rear-view Cameras on 620,246 Vehicles

Insufficient electrical conductivity within the printed circuit board (PCB) internal to the camera leads to intermittent rearview camera operation A rearview camera that intermittently displays a blank or distorted image does not comply can reduce the driver’s view of what is behind the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash. Continue reading

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Porsche – First Virtual Annual Meeting Declares Risky €676 Million in Dividends. No Earnings Forecast Yet

The shareholders approved the proposed distribution of a dividend of €2.210 per preference share and €2.204 per ordinary share for the fiscal year 2019. The total distribution comes to around €676 million euro. It’s a risky move given the ongoing Covid pandemic that has infected global economies. Continue reading

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