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Chattanooga Choo Choo -100,000 VW Atlas SUVs Made

Volkswagen Chattanooga has achieved a production milestone with the completion of the 100,000th Volkswagen Atlas. This comes as President Trump is – for the moment with his short attention span – targeting very profitable European automakers – such as VW Group Members Audi and Porsche for punitive import tariffs. Continue reading

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Mahindra, Ford Agree on Connected Car, Powertrain Sharing

Both companies “continue to make progress on the remaining MoUs signed earlier this year. This includes leveraging their respective strengths on product development for India and emerging markets, including co-development of compact SUVs and electric vehicles.” Translation: Ford can’t afford to develop EVs on its own. Continue reading

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Brexit Panic Takes Hold. Auto Industry Urges – Begs? – Negotiators to Avert the Business Killing Worst-Case Scenario

Automobile production plants – be they in the EU27 or the UK – receive and fit millions of parts into vehicles every day. All manufacturers rely on ‘just-in-time’ and ‘just-in-sequence’ delivery and production, without any delays or obstacles. These parts are in constant transit in trucks, arriving as and when they are needed. Continue reading

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EU September Passenger Car Sales Plummet

ACEA claims this should not come as a surprise, as the introduction of the new WLTP test at the beginning of last month caused an exceptional surge in registrations in August (+31.2%). As a result, most EU countries suffered double-digit losses in September, including the five major markets. Continue reading

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Death Of The Diesel Continues As London Mayor Delivers Online Checker To Help Car Buyers Choose Cleaner Cars

The Mayor wants to help restore public confidence following the ‘dieselgate’ scandal, in which many Londoners wrongly brought ‘cleaner’ cars in good faith but later found out they had dirty polluting engines because of defeat devices or the official testing process not reflecting emissions in ‘real world’ conditions. Continue reading

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Penske Automotive Increases Dividend

“Our Board of Directors are pleased to offer our shareholders an increase in the quarterly dividend for the 30th consecutive quarter,” said Penske Automotive Group President Robert H. Kurnick, Jr. Continue reading

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Fresh Frozen! Comeback of Ice Race in Zell am See

Rally cars of today will fight for victory, historic racing cars can be admired as well as the ancient sport of skijoring. The organizers are Vinzenz Greger and Ferdinand Porsche. They claim – not without abundant self-interest – fans can “savor exciting motorsport and amusing entertainment.” Continue reading

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Consumers Can Save up to $3,000 on Auto Loan Packages?

In 2017, Americans spent $568.6 billion in auto loans1, yet 60 percent of buyers don’t know they can bring their own financing to the dealership. The company’s new Outside Financial (OF) Markup Index* reveals that, on average, new car buyers are charged $1,717 in hidden markups when arranging their loans through a dealer. Continue reading

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Chinese Junk Watch: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Warns about Unsafe Tubeez Baby Bath Support Seats, and Eddie Bauer Infant Carriers

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is still interested in receiving incident or injury reports that are either directly related to a product recall or involve a different hazard with the same product. Please tell us about your experience with the product on SaferProducts.gov. Continue reading

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Variables Abound – Meet the New NAFTA

AutoInformed agrees that the text offers greater certainty about the future of North American automotive production, trade, and investments, the USMCA still must be signed, ratified, and the enabling legislation must be passed in each of the three countries before the agreement can go into effect on the target date of 1 January 2020. It’s by no means a sure bet. Continue reading

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Dieselgate – Audi Fines of ~$1 Billion hit Porsche Guidance. Porsche is Economical with the Truth on Ongoing Risks.

Porsche rules out however a spin off ala Ferrari that could value and independent company at more than $80 billion. The remaining outstanding fraud case from the noxious diesel emissions scandal is remains ongoing in Stuttgart, where state prosecutors are investigating the role Volkswagen’s sports car brand Porsche played in the sordid diesel affair. Continue reading

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Marketing Wars – New Carfax Ad Campaign. Car Fox Restyled.

The new ads tell consumers – what else – that carfax.com is the best place to shop for used cars and get the most accurate pricing information. The new-look Car Fox advises car shoppers on how to find great used cars online and prevent paying too much for them in new national TV ads from Carfax. Continue reading

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Volvo Cars Canada Debuts First Vehicle Subscription Service

With a few clicks on a smartphone, Canadians can order a new car in less than 10 minutes. The Care by Volvo subscription includes services such as winter tire installation and storage, 24/7 roadside assistance, and a concierge service that assists Care by Volvo subscribers through every step of the process including coordinating delivery with their local Volvo retailer. Continue reading

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Slow News – Chevrolet SEMA Show Car Has New Exterior Color

Along with Shock, 2019 Camaro colors also includes new Crush, Riverside Blue Metallic, Shadow Grey Metallic and Satin Steel Grey Metallic. Continue reading

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Gubagoo Announces Virtual Retailing for Auto Dealers to Sell Cars Through Facebook Marketplace

It’s claimed that in less than 30 minutes, customers can build a deal and get approved financing for a vehicle that a dealer has listed on Facebook Marketplace. The buying process is initiated when a person inquires about a vehicle they see on Marketplace by sending a message in Messenger. Once in the conversation, the customer can tap on the “Buy Online” button to calculate payments, value their trade-in, apply rebates, accessories and F&I products, and submit a credit application for online approval – all within Messenger. Continue reading

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