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Porsche Recalls Panamera Models for Bad Control Units

Porsche has known about the potentially deadly problem since last September. Continue reading

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UK – Majority HORRIFIED by Idea of Driverless Cars

The latest findings might worry policy makers, safety advocates and politicians who are doggedly insisting that driverless cars be introduced onto not only the UK’s roads, but in other western economies. Continue reading

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2018 EU Road Deaths Down But More Actions Needed

In 2018, there were around 25,100 fatalities in road accidents in the EU 28. This is a decrease of 21% compared to 2010, and 1% compared to 2017. For the majority of Member States, the road fatality rate was below 60 deaths per million inhabitants in 2018. Continue reading

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Toyota and DENSO Fusing Electronic Component Operations

Initial discussions focused on consolidation of production operations by the end of 2019, and development functions from 2022, but in order to ensure a smooth transfer and to create the new structure faster, both companies agreed to consolidate both development and production in April 2020. Continue reading

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EU Antitrust Allegations to Hurt BMW Earnings – €1 Billion!

The BMW Group provision will likely exceed €1 billion. The EBIT margin in the BMW Automotive Segment for the current financial year is expected to be 1-1.5 percentage points below the previous target range of 6-8%. Continue reading

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Death of the Diesel – European Commission’s Ongoing Antitrust Probe Opens Formal Investigation into Possible Collusion Between Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche And VW

The EU maintains that Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche colluded, in breach of EU antitrust rules, to avoid competition on the development and roll-out of technology to clean the emissions of gasoline and diesel passenger cars. Continue reading

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Renault Board Backtracking on Carlos Ghosn Innocence

This is a significant departure from its initial backing of Ghosn in the latest twist of an ongoing global intrigue that involves in-fighting among Alliance partners, income inequality, trade wars and corporate governance policies in France, Japan and elsewhere. Continue reading

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If Trump Closes the Mexican Border, the Entire U.S. Auto Industry Shuts Down in Days

There are few vehicles assembled in the United States that do not rely on Mexico for at least some parts content. Vehicle assembly is the quintessential “complete set” — an assembly plant cannot build a partial vehicle. Even if a few relatively minor parts are missing, automakers do not make a practice of storing the vehicles and then repairing them when the parts are ready. This repair work alone creates the potential for quality issues. Since it is impossible to do a partial build, the assembly plant and many of its associated supplier plants will be idle until the automaker can obtain sufficient stock to relaunch production. Continue reading

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2019 Corvette Grand Sport to Pace 103rd Indianapolis 500

Indianapolis 500 fans also will see 33 2019 Corvette Stingrays on the roads of Central Indiana this spring and in the IPL 500 Festival Parade on May 25 in downtown Indianapolis. The popular cars are provided to central Indiana business leaders and dignitaries and serve as a promotional role for the race, Chevrolet and Corvette. This is the first time since 2007 that matching Corvettes are serving as the 500 Pace Car and festival cars. Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen to Build GLC SUV

Since market launch in 2008, more than 1.5 million GLK models and its successor, the GLC, have been sold. In the past 10 years the GLC, including GLK, was the best-selling SUV from Mercedes-Benz. In 2018 it achieved a new global sales best. The biggest markets for the model series last year were China, the USA and Germany. Continue reading

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Porsche E-sports – First Global Virtual Racing Series?

Forty “sim racers,” who have successfully made their way through a global qualifying process, will compete in series of ten online races – the first gets underway on April 13 on the virtual version of the Barber Motorsport Park in Alabama, USA. The final race will take place on September 28 at the Circuit Monza, Italy. The championship offers a $100,000 prize pool, according to a 1 April release. Continue reading

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Milestones: 50 Years of Toyota Hilux

The seventh-generation Hilux was the first to not be produced in Japan, with most of the vehicles being produced in Thailand, South Africa and Argentina for delivery to counties in their own regions, and with some production in Malaysia, Pakistan and Venezuela. Continue reading

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More and/or Less – What Americans Know about Science

There are striking differences in levels of science knowledge by education as well as by racial and ethnic group. Men tend to score higher than women on the science knowledge scale, but gender differences are not consistent across questions in the scale. And political party groups are roughly similar in their overall levels of science knowledge, although conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats tend to score higher on the scale than do their more moderate counterparts. Continue reading

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Brexit Bloody Hell! Now Stock Exchange Issues

Well, it seems that there are risks posed by jurisdictional share trading obligations, which “could increase market fragmentation and impose unnecessary costs on investors,” the SEC said in a whistling past the graveyard observation. Hell, it’s not even clear that the UK can continue to be a key market for funds and fund managers in the United States. Continue reading

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Ghosn Fallout – Nissan Board Changes

Nissan claims that building the best possible corporate governance structure as an urgent task and is working on swift implementation of a new organization. The company is now preparing an internal system to enable transition by the end of June, in expectation of receiving shareholder approval at the scheduled Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Continue reading

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