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No Deal Brexit to Cost UK Auto Sector £9 Billion Per Year

It’s not only angry Trump voters who are self-destructive, the UK under the Brexit fiasco is about to lose £9 Billion a year due to a conservative Republican-like temper tantrum that will materially hurt middle class workers, as well as society as a whole. Continue reading

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NADA 2019 Light Vehicle Sales Projected at 16.8 Million

Based on a strong November, new-vehicle sales are expected to reach 17 million units in 2018, which would mark the fourth straight year of U.S. auto sales above 17 million units. (see AutoInformed: Auto Loans – Payments Higher, Subprime Lending Lower. The Federal Reserve Board is likely to raise rates in December 2018. More rate increases are likely during the early half of 2019 and then rates are expected to hold.) Continue reading

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Honda R&D Americas Expanding Raymond Ohio

Workers at the Raymond, Ohio, R&D center – Honda’s second-largest R&D center in the world – are responsible for creating advanced technologies and automobile and powersports products for Honda and Acura customers in North America and global markets. Continue reading

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IndustriALL Pressures Volkswagen Group to Engage with UAW or Else Face Suspension of its Global Contracts

However, instead of entering into bargaining with the union, Volkswagen has repeatedly taken legal action against the vote, including an appeal against the ruling of the National Labor Relations Board during August 2016, which ruled in favor of the UAW. Continue reading

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Renault Board Investigation Backs Ghosn. Governance Measures Stay in Place. Compensation Controversy Ongoing.

Their preliminary conclusion is that the compensation of Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Renault and the conditions under which such compensation was approved followed applicable law as well as the recommendations of the *AFEP-MEDEF. The Board of Directors decided to maintain the current governance measures established on November 20, 2018. Continue reading

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Global Light Vehicle Sales Fall Again in November

The Chinese LV market continues to slow down, “a major source of concern given the importance of this market to global sales.” Other regions are also struggling, with YoY losses in Europe and North America, though selling rates remain robust in North America. Continue reading

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Aston Martin Valkyrie Cosworth V12 Rated at 1000 Horsepower

The program it’s claimed called for a normally aspirated engine. Aston notes, correctly, that while turbocharging has absolutely come of age and offers significant and widespread benefits, especially in road applications, what is arguably the greatest driver’s car of today needed an internal combustion engine that is the “pinnacle for performance, excitement and emotion.” Rationalization or reality here? Ultimately a peck of buyers will decide. Continue reading

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Making the Budget Deficit Great Again. November at $203 billion. Interest for Debt up $5 Billion

Not that it matters according to traditional Republican double-speak, such gigantic deficits are only a problem if they occur when the Democrats are in power. When Republicans cut taxes for the wealthiest and run up huge deficits it’s – don’t laugh – good for the economy. Worse, the federal budget deficit was $303 billion for the first two months of fiscal year 2019, says CBO. Continue reading

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Ghosn, Kelly and Nissan Motor Corp. Indicted for Violating The Japan Financial Instruments and Exchange Act

Thus – as predicted – this case, besides from revealing the rift between Nissan and its European partner Renault that saved it from bankruptcy, has cast a cold beam of light on Japanese corporate governance – or is that non-governance? – practices. Continue reading

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Auto Loans – Payments Higher, Subprime Lending Lower

Some look to vehicle affordability trends – or lack thereof – as a driving force behind consumer choices. The monthly payments for new and used vehicles again reached record highs in Q3 – $530 and $381, respectively – and the gap between new and used monthly payments continues to widen, reaching $149. The difference between leasing and buying on roughly the top Ten sellers is about $100 a month less for leasing. The average loan is now 72 months, but consumers on average change vehicle every 34-36 months. Continue reading

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Restructuring Storm Building as Ford Announces Senior Retirements in Treasury, Product Development, Manufacturing

A couple of the exits are noteworthy for signaling that major disruptive actions are about to occur. For example – was Kent responsible for the addled brained idea that Ford would cut its dividend that Ford Family members depend on? Nevertheless, the pressure remains for Ford to cut costs and start once again, yet again on a restructuring plan. to increase shareholder value. Continue reading

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Brick-Built McLaren in Central London PR Stunt

Consider that a new McLaren has been spotted during dynamic testing ahead of its introduction in January. The car’s brick-based construction has made it necessary for development to move from McLaren’s usual secret facility near Idiada in Spain to a busy LEGO Store in Central London. Continue reading

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Ford Begins Construction at Michigan Central Station

The three-phase project begins with the winterization of the building to dry it out from extensive water damage it sustained over the years, and then stabilizing the structure. Phase two includes replacing mechanical and electrical systems and restoring exterior masonry. Continue reading

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Ford First Automaker to Outline UN Human Rights Issues

Ford claims to be the first automaker to complete this assessment, thought to be key in identifying the issues that are at risk of the most severe negative impact through activities or business relationships. Continue reading

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BMW Group Threatens Trump on US Jobs

Buried at the bottom of the release was the following threat clearly aimed in AutoInformed’s view at President “tariff” Trump and his owning trade bluster and politically motivated policies that are threatening US jobs. Continue reading

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