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California, Automakers Defying Trump Agree on Emissions

On April 13, 2018, however, the Trump Administration took the first step toward dismantling the national program when it issued a revised final determination that alleged the federal greenhouse gas standards for model year 2022-2025 vehicles were no longer appropriate.kxhw@aol.com Continue reading

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Alfa Romeo Returns to Formula 1 in 2018 via Sauber

The single-seat race cars will carry the colors and logo of Alfa Romeo with Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team the team’s Title Sponsor, and will be equipped – no surprise – with 2018 Ferrari power units, not Ram diesels. Continue reading

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New Position: Pierre Leclercq Head of Styling at Kia Motors

Styling is an emotional prompt to buy as cars become more alike, and offer the same comfort, safety, and convenience accoutrements. Continue reading

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Pieter Nota to take over BMW Sales as Ian Robertson Retires

On 1 January 2018 Pieter Nota will join the Board of Management of BMW AG and be responsible for the sales and brand BMW, as well as aftermarket sales for the BMW Group. Ian Robertson, current Board of Management member for BMW sales, will as a “Special Representative of the BMW Group in the UK. Continue reading

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BMW and Toyota Sign Deal for Joint Fuel Cell and Battery Programs

BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corporation today in Japan signed a contract for the joint development of a fuel cell system, a new architecture and components for a sports vehicle, and research in lightweight technologies. Continue reading

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BMW Shows a “Concept” 4-Series at NAIAS

Over the past year, BMW has introduced 14 new and renewed vehicles, the most ever in the U.S. Today in Detroit at the NAIAS BMW unveiled what it says is a Concept 4-Series Coupe that looked production ready. It’s another formidable car from Bavaria. Continue reading

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BMW Opens Health Center at its South Carolina SUV Plant

BMW Manufacturing has opened a Family Health Center at its South Carolina plant for all BMW workers, retirees and their dependents. BMW’s existing onsite family pharmacy was relocated to the new facility and joined there by occupational, primary care services, as well as vision, dental and physical therapy. Continue reading

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BMW to Build a Car Plant in Brazil Prompted by Tough Legislation

The BMW Group plans to build a new auto plant in Brazil, based on the government’s new industrial policy under the so-called “Inovar Auto” legislation just adapted. The hard-nosed legislation strictly limits the amount of money that can be counted toward local content, imposes tariffs and requires specific R&D and production investments as a percentage of sales that increase from now until 2017. It is the latest example of protecting a local auto industry against pillaging by global companies in the view of supporters. Critics counter that consumers will pay higher prices. Continue reading

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Lexus Debuts New LS Flagship Sedan Tonight in San Francisco

The original Lexus full-size sedan – the 1990 model LS 400 – caught the Germans by surprise with its combination of high quality, silky smooth ride, and a price that undercut competing Mercedes-Benz and BMW sedans by $10,000 or more.

Initially dismissed by the Europeans, the success of Lexus ultimately forced improvements in quality and a lowering of prices by Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. The Japanese brand’s success has also prompted an expanding list of joint ventures with BMW. Continue reading

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BMW Group and Toyota Motor Expand Collaboration

Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation, met today with Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, at the BMW Group headquarters in Munich to announce the planned expansion of their existing cooperation that started last year. Continue reading

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Milestones – Compact BMW X1 SUV Reaches 300,000 in Sales

Since its fall of 2009 introduction the compact BMW X1 sport utility vehicle has reached 300,000 in global sales, the German Automaker said today. The X1 was arguably the first luxury cute ute, and the fourth addition to the BMW crossover lineup from a maker once largely known for its sports sedans. Continue reading

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Mini Clubvan Goes Commercial, So to Speak

In its latest marketing move for the successful Mini line, BMW is offering a commercial version of the sub-compact small car. With two seats and five doors the Mini Clubvan is said to be the world’s first premium priced delivery van. The concept comes from the original Morris Mini van introduced in 1960, albeit at a down market price point back then. Continue reading

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Japanese Big 3 – Toyota, Honda, Nissan – Sales Up in May

Toyota Motor came close to displacing Ford Motor from its assumed Number 2 spot in the U.S. by posting monthly sales of 202,973 – within a rounding error of Ford’s 215,699 and firmly putting Toyota in the Number 3 sales spot for the year-to-date. The other Japanese powerhouse members were also back in shape. American Honda posted sales of 134,000 (576,000 ytd) easily ahead of the Nissan at 92,000 (485,000 ytd). With a new Accord and Altima due this fall, the family car market is about to becomes more competitive than it has been in years, which is good for buyers but might leave weaker and older entries as road kill. Continue reading

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International Mini Meeting Opens Today in Hungary

Wedding bells will also be ringing as two members of the host Mini Club take their vows at the event arena before starting their new life together at the wheel of a classic Mini – followed by a celebratory convoy of some 200 other examples of this British classic, whose drivers have registered in advance for the occasion. Continue reading

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BMW Group and Brilliance Open Second Plant in China

BMW has been producing BMW 3 Series and 5 Series models for the Chinese market with Brilliance in Shenyang since 2003. The opening of the second vehicle plant in China will expand the range of locally produced models to include the BMW X1. Production of the long-wheelbase version of the BMW 3 Series will also begin during the coming weeks. Continue reading

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