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Chrysler to Build 2013 SRT Viper at Conner Avenue Plant

Chrysler Group announced today that it will reopen its Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit for the production of the next generation 2013 SRT Viper. The closed Viper plant was the victim of the Chrysler bankruptcy in 2009 and was originally listed as an asset to be sold. However, there were no takers for the sale of the Viper and its entire Conner Avenue plant for only $10 million. The Viper business earned $16 million in 2008 by building 1,545 cars and engines, according to a bankruptcy filing. Continue reading

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GM Plans Four World Debuts at NAIAS. Where is Bob Lutz?

“ATS enters the biggest market segment in the global luxury car industry, both in terms of volume and importance,” said Barra.

No kidding. ATS better be good when it appears next fall.

But when I asked what GM consultant Bob Lutz was doing these days, Barra said she was trading e-mails with him about getting Lutz to drive a new Chevy Sonic, which has been on sale globally for a couple of years. While Barra called Lutz an “automotive rock star,” there was no hint in her brief response that she was spending any time with Lutz. Continue reading

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General Motors Appoints Mary Barra, a GM Human Resources Executive, to Head Global Product Development

General Motors today named Mary Barra, 49, senior vice president, Global Product Development, to lead the design, engineering, program management and quality of vehicles for GM’s 11 brands around the world.

Barra comes to the high visibility position once occupied by formidable car guys, including Tom Stephens and Bob Lutz from her position as vice president, Global Human Resources. Prior to this appointment, Barra had been vice president, Global Human Resources since 2009. Both Lutz and Stephens carried the title of vice chairman, so Barra’s job has been downgraded in the latest GM reorganization. Continue reading

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