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German Tax Payer Funded Driverless Vehicle Testing Shows Need for Complex, Expensive Redundant Systems.

With the auto industry in full collapse given the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting and still emerging Global Depression, it is unknown if automakers will continue to rush into developing and producing autonomous vehicles – always a dubious business proposition, which is now likely at some makers a survival issue. Invest in the unknown future, or use resources to keep the existing business alive? Continue reading

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Daimler and Bosch Target San José for Automated Ride-Hailing

Daimler, Bosch and San José have signed a memorandum of understanding to pursue this test. Using automated Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicles, Daimler will offer the service to a selected users in the San Carlos/Stevens Creek corridor between downtown and west San José. With its population expected to grow 40% in the next two decades, the metropolitan area faces growing transportation challenges. Continue reading

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Bosch Enters the Car-Sharing Business with Electric Vans

Bosch already has a nascent sharing services business, as demonstrated by Coup, its rental service for electric scooters. Since its launch in 2016, Coup has constantly expanded, and now has a fleet of 3,500 scooters in Berlin, Paris, and Madrid. Continue reading

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Bosch Claims Diesel Record Readings of 13 mg NOx per kilometer. Too Little, Too Late to Clean Dirty Diesel Image?

The Volkswagen dieselgate scandal exposed clearly fraudulent conduct. VW, one of the world’s largest automotive groups, deliberately lied about diesel emissions and cheated during testing by using control software that resulted in dirtier diesel exhaust that was far dirtier in real driving than in the lab on a dynamometer. Continue reading

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Regulations Keep Motorcycle ABS Growing

The theory is that motorcycle ABS gives riders more confidence, allowing them to react faster and brake harder. ABS prevents the wheels from locking during emergency braking, so the bike remains stable, helping riders to stay upright. However, some studies on automobiles with ABS show that it allows driver’s to be more aggressive. Continue reading

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Gas-Powered Cars – CNG v LPG

There is an interesting technical argument about CNG and LPG powertrains that are apparently cheaper and arguably more eco-friendly in cars than diesel or gasoline engines. It starts with combustion that is cleaner, thereby reducing emissions of particulates and nitrogen … Continue reading

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Bosch to End Solar Business as Competitiveness is ‘Unattainable’

Bosch said today that it would end its solar business operations, including the making of ingots, wafers, cells, and modules at the beginning of 2014. More than 3,000 employees are affected. The German conglomerate, which is the biggest auto parts supplier in the word, said that individual business units would be sold, if possible Continue reading

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Milestones – 100 Years of Bosch Generators

One hundred years ago, Bosch introduced the world’s first voltage-regulating generator for motor vehicles. Back then, it was only a power source for what were newly invented electric headlights by Cadillac founder Henry M. Leland. Leland also pioneered electric ignition on his cars, while Bosch – a magneto company – trailed that development. These were the early days of the electrification of the automobile, which continues to this day. Continue reading

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Peugeot-Citroen Hybrid Air Most Significant Intro at Geneva?

Struggling PSA Peugeot Citroën showed a light duty version of so-called hybrid-air technology that will be in production by 2016 using the group’s new EMP2 platform that will make its debut on the new Citroen Picasso. It potentially a breakthrough that will help PSA sell more cars globally, reviving its sagging reputation in the process. Continue reading

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Bosch follows Automakers into Russia as Market Booms

The irony here is that Bosch opened it first sales office in Russia during 1904 under the Kaiser and the Czar. Certain political disputes resulted in devastating wars and revolutions during the next decade that changed the ruling orders in both Germany and Russia, among other places with future dire consequences. That is history. We are now talking about the wealth creation of that the automobile industry makes possible. Continue reading

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Bosch Moves into eScooter Business with Ningbo Polaris

The Bosch Group is forming a joint venture with Ningbo Polaris Technology, a Chinese provider of motors for electrically driven scooters or eScooters, with Bosch holding the majority. Ningbo makes and sells eScooter motors in China under the POLTM brand, more than one million in 2011 the output of 450 workers. The global output of eScooters in 2011 was about 27 million units with China making 98% of the production volume. “With a growth rate of 6% annually the market will reach up to 46 million units in 2020”, said Udo Wolz, president of the Bosch Electrical Drives division. Continue reading

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Milestones: 75 Million Bosch ESP Systems

Bosch pioneered this advanced safety technology, which is increasingly mandatory equipment under the constantly expanding global regulation of vehicles. According to studies, this active safety system can prevent up to 80% of all skidding accidents. Continue reading

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Milestones: 5 Million Bosch Start-Stop Systems

Volkswagen explored this concept with demonstration units decades ago. However, the effectiveness of electronic controls monitoring such variables as battery state of charge and engine temperature and heater operation, makes stop-start systems viable with no negative aspects. Stop-start is virtually undetectable to drivers, except for a slight shudder on engine reactivation. Once you drive a vehicle with start-stop you will go crazy when idling and realizing that you are getting zero miles per gallon for no reason other than to make oil companies wealthier. Continue reading

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Bosch To Build Pilot Line to Make Lithium-Ion Batteries

Currently, lithium ion battery technology is dominated by Asian firms, in China, Japan and Korea. U.S. and European automakers are scrambling to increase their expertise in hybrid and electric vehicle technologies because of increasingly stringent government regulations that favor hybrid and electric vehicles. Continue reading

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Bosch Car Service Opens 1,000th Shop in China as part of World’s Largest Independent Repair Network

Bosch said it now has the world’s largest independent workshop network of 15,000 shops, 90 years after the first one opened in Hamburg. The range of services includes traditional Bosch fields of automotive electrics, electronics and diesel servicing, as well as general mechanical vehicle repairs, oil changes, air-conditioning service, in-car multimedia, tires and auto glass service. Every day, more than 82,000 associates complete service and repair work on more than 180,000 vehicles. Continue reading

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