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27 Electric Trucks Coming to SoCal Freight and Rail Yards

Exposure to diesel exhaust, of course, can lead to serious health conditions like asthma and respiratory illnesses and can worsen existing heart and lung disease, especially in children and the elderly. These conditions can result in increased numbers of emergency room visits, hospital admissions, absences from work and school, and premature deaths. It also produces ground level ozone, a contributor to Global Warming. Continue reading

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BYD has New Grid Linked Energy Generation/Storage Gear

BYD, of course, operates several high-tech sectors including high-efficiency automobiles, electrified public transportation, environmentally-friendly energy storage, affordable solar power and information technology and original design manufacturing services. Continue reading

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Diesel Coffin Nails – EVs to Takeover in SoCal Freight Yards

The State of California is giving $9 million to San Bernardino Associated Governments, aka SANBAG, to buy 27 electric trucks to replace diesel-powered, heavy-duty tractors used in rail yards and large-scale freight distribution centers. During the two-year duration of what’s … Continue reading

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BYD Electric Cab Fire and Three Fatalities not Battery’s Fault

An investigation by the Shenzhen government into an accident and fire between a BYD EV and a Nissan sports car that killed three people in May concludes that the battery pack was not at fault, according to a BYD filing with the Shenzhen stock exchange.

A Nissan GT-R traveling at 242km/h – 150 mph – hit a BYD e6 taxi traveling in the same direction at 81km/h. The first impact sent the cab careening out of control, which then resulted in a second impact into a roadside tree, whereupon the e6 completely burned. The cab driver and two passengers perished. Continue reading

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Windsor, Canada to Buy Chinese BYD Electric Buses

The agreement also opens talks to bring manufacturing of BYD buses to the Ontario region in the near future. BYD has delivered over 300 all-electric buses worldwide and has orders for over 1300 more in 2012, making it apparently the largest electric bus manufacturer in the world. Continue reading

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