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Marketing Wars – New Carfax Ad Campaign. Car Fox Restyled.

The new ads tell consumers – what else – that carfax.com is the best place to shop for used cars and get the most accurate pricing information. The new-look Car Fox advises car shoppers on how to find great used cars online and prevent paying too much for them in new national TV ads from Carfax. Continue reading

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More Flood Cars Back in Use – Buyer Beware

“Flood cars are a buyer’s worst nightmare,” said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. Continue reading

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Open Safety Recalls Plague Automakers, Consumers, NHTSA

Valvoline Instant Oil Change claimed today that it will become the first quick lube retailer that will use Carfax to help customers know about open automaker safety recalls on their vehicle. Continue reading

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GM Certified Used Vehicles Now include Carfax

Car shoppers now get a Carfax Vehicle History Report with every Chevrolet, Buick and GMC Certified car, truck and SUV at no-cost from the selling dealer. In addition, all Chevrolet, Buick and GMC Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are listed for sale on Carfax Used Car Listings. Notably absent is Cadillac. Continue reading

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More than 46 Million Open Safety Recalls

Counter-intuitively, people driving or buying family vehicles, minivans and SUVs, are most at risk. One in three minivans and one in five SUVs has an unfixed recall, according to Carfax the source of the data. Continue reading

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Odometer Fraud and Carfax Scam in New York Uncovered

Capicchioni also took steps to hide his odometer fraud scheme. He checked the Carfax public database to see if it included a mileage entry that was higher than the false, lower mileage to which he reset the odometer. When Carfax included a higher mileage, Capicchioni submitted to Carfax fraudulent documentation in the name of the vehicle’s prior owner, in order to have the higher mileage reading removed. Continue reading

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Odometer Fraud Continues – $760 Million lost annually

Odometer fraud remains a major problem for car owners and shoppers with more than 190,000 vehicles having their odometers rolled back every year. Continue reading

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Waterlogged Flood Cars – Tide Rising as Titles Falsified

Buyer beware and nowhere does that apply more than used flood cars that have been damaged by water that causes insurmountable problems after the vehicle is returned – often illegally – to service. Nearly two-thirds of these flood damaged cars are on the road in ten states – Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Louisiana, Illinois, New York, Florida, Mississippi and Virginia. However, as the research shows, crooks are moving flood cars to any state where unfortunately unknowing consumers will buy them. Continue reading

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Kia Adds Carfax Vehicle History Reports to Used Cars

Kia’s decision means that 32 manufacturer brands that have chosen Carfax for their Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Continue reading

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Nissan to Give Carfax VINS with Outstanding Recalls

Generally speaking, recall repairs are made on fewer than 70% of eligible vehicles unless they involve well publicized problems such as Toyota’s infamous stuck gas pedals, a situation that federal safety regulators are not comfortable with – particularly since many recalls involve life threatening defects. Continue reading

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