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GM CAMI Strike Talks Still Stalled

“If you want to see what a NAFTA-caused race to the bottom looks like, go to Ingersoll, Ontario,” said Jerry Dias, National President of Unifor. “In that picturesque town west of Toronto, workers at the CAMI automotive plant are on strike over a reasonable proposal that their employer, General Motors of Canada, refuses to accept. – enhanced job security language.” Continue reading

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General Motors Spring Hill Assembly To Be a Full Flex Plant capable of Building any Car or Crossover With New Investment

Neither timing, nor product line was announced, but GM claimed that an additional 1,090 hourly and 106 salaried positions. Furthermore, GM claimed that the Spring Hill flex plant would be capable of building any GM car or crossover vehicle, a potential manufacturing breakthrough that AutoInformed is attempting to clarify. Continue reading

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