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Honda Says it Will Double Sales in China By 2015

During 2011 Honda sold 618,000 cars in China last year, dwarfed by market leader General Motor’s 2.55 million and Volkswagen Group’s 2.26 million. Among the Japanese Big Three, Nissan in China is twice as big as Honda and Toyota is 40% larger in terms of vehicle sales. Continue reading

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General Motors China Sales Top 2 Million. Again!

For the second time in its history, General Motors has sold more than 2 million vehicles in China in a calendar year, reaching the milestone this week. China has been GM’s largest market for the past two years where it is the Number One automaker. GM is on track to sell 5 million vehicles in China by 2015. And it might just be a question of time before Chinese companies mount a takeover of GM via its publically traded stock, and move GM headquarters to Shanghai, where GM China already has substantial space in a huge office tower. Continue reading

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Milestones: 20 Years of FAW-Volkswagen in China

FAW-Volkswagen is currently the second largest of China’s largest automobile manufacturers, behind GM and its Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) and FAW partners. Continue reading

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Great Leap Forward! GM China Announces Five Year Plan to Double Sales by Introducing 60 New and Upgraded Models

In fact, due to a job creating industrial policy dictated by the Communist Chinese government, China is actually benefitting from leverage as all western automakers must establish joint ventures with local Chinese companies – some of them former munitions makers and military suppliers – in order to gain access to the lucrative market. Continue reading

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Ford to Double White Collar Workers in China by 2015

Ford Motor Company will double the number of white collar workers in China by 2015, the company said ahead of a recruiting effort to take place next week at the Shanghai Motor Show. All told some 1,200 new jobs will … Continue reading

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Ford to Build a Second Engine Plant in China

Ford Motor Company and its government dictated partners are building new engine plant in China that is due to open in 2013. With the additional capacity of 400,000 units at the new facility, Ford’s joint venture, Changan Ford Mazda Automobile … Continue reading

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