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Chrysler UAW Contract Ratified by Rank and File

As was the case with newly ratified UAW contracts at GM and Ford, a large part of the Chrysler UAW deal – in this case, $3.4 billion of claimed new investment of $4.5 billion – was part of previously announced business plans after Chrysler emerged from a controversial taxpayer-supported bankruptcy and reorganization in 2009. Continue reading

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Chrysler UAW Reach Tentative Deal

Chrysler the smallest of the Detroit Three has agreed to a Chrysler UAW contract it was announced this morning. The UAW Chrysler proposed agreement includes $4.5 billion of investment to produce new models and upgraded vehicles and components by 2015, all of which will be invested directly into retooling and upgrading plants. At first look it appears to be a major victory for Sergio Marchionne, CEO of the Italian-controlled company, who was determined to hold the line on costs, which because of the U.S. government forced bankruptcy in 2009 are at $49 an hour – competitive with non-union auto plants. Continue reading

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Ford UAW is Next Labor Contract Fight. Strike Possible?

If the GM UAW contract sets the pattern, as it has in the past, a combination of job creation and increased pay for new union hires (the shrinking UAW desperately needs the revenues) will occur and signing bonuses will be given to existing workers under a new Ford UAW deal. Continue reading

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