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Pork or Progress as FAA Funds Natural Gas Shuttles?

The grant gives money to purchase six compressed natural gas buses to transport airport passengers and employees from the terminal to parking and rental car facilities. This project is part of the airport’s program to minimize vehicle emissions within the airport footprint. Continue reading

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Honda Starts Production of 2012 Civic Natural Gas car in U.S.

As it stands now, compressed natural gas or CNG vehicles that are growing clean air darlings – under debatable assumptions about how clean natural gas really is and how it is produced under exemptions from government environmental regulations – are all conversions of mostly Detroit Three pickup trucks and vans with one Honda factory-made exception. Continue reading

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California High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Closed to Hybrids. CNG, Electric Vehicles Now Picked as Winners by Government

Thus ends another episode of the California government using its power to pick vehicle winners instead of allowing market forces to operate. However, as the hybrid favoritism fades in memory, new auto winners are being picked for single driver HOV access from now until 2015. Continue reading

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New U.S. Segment – Compressed Natural Gas Taxis?

Taxis running on compressed natural gas have been in use for decades in Japan’s cities. They are clean, quiet and to the surprise of visiting New Yorkers – meticulously maintained. Now there is a mini-movement of sorts underway in the U.S. as taxpayer subsidies and rising gasoline prices are increasing the demand for conversions of conventional gasoline engines to run on compressed natural gas. CNG is a fuel that has been in use in the U.S. for decades as well, but mostly in industrial applications. Continue reading

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