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US Trade Deficit Continues at $45 Billion a Month

The drop in imports portends shortages, which could harm both consumer and business spending. The coronavirus epidemic has upset businesses and production in China, with an extension of  the Lunar Year holidays cutting output in an effort by the Chinese government to constrain its spread. This likely will be repeated in the US economy as the epidemic spreads here. It’s too soon to see the potential negative effects on the auto industry, but disruptions are likely given China, South Korea and Mexican trade in automotive goods. Continue reading

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New York Auto Show Claims It Will Happen

The show’s fate of course will be determined by public health departments at the city, state and federal levels. At the moment there is no known vaccine for preventive or ameliorative use against COVID-19. Continue reading

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Coronavirus Spreads – Geneva Motor Show Cancelled

The Swiss Federal Council today decreed that no events with more than 1,000 people are allowed to take place until 15 March 2020. The decision came just 3 days before the opening of the exhibition to the media. The situation changed with the appearance of the first confirmed coronavirus diseases in Switzerland. It has of course appeared in the U.S., which appears to be completely unprepared. Continue reading

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Global Light Vehicle Sales Slump. The Party’s Over?

LMC posits we must look at why the market has dropped 5 million units below the 2017 record. A recent blog entry entitled 2019 Review highlights some of the challenges faced by the auto industry. Chief among them are developments in China, with a protracted hangover from the temporary tax cuts of a few years ago, disruption coming from the launch of State VI-compliant vehicles (which varies region by region), along with a slowing economy. Continue reading

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