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Luck o’ the Irish is a Sober DD

The traditions of St. Patrick’s Day, such as corned beef and cabbage and shamrocks, accompany the tradition of drinking Irish beer and/or whiskey. These days prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and illegal drugs may cause impairment alone or in combination with each other and/or with alcohol. Continue reading

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Electronic Devices Gain in Importance for New Vehicle Buyers

NHTSA – in a states’ rights argument that goes back to at least the Civil War during the 1860s – is forbidden by Congress from regulating drivers on a national basis, that power is reserved for the individual states, whose legislators show little interest in outlawing the demonstrably dangerous devices in automobiles. Continue reading

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Department of Transportation Releases New “Faces of Distracted Driving” Video. Deadly DD Epidemic Continues

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today released the latest video in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Faces of Distracted Driving” series.

The video features Loren Vaillancourt, whose 21-year-old brother Kelson was killed in a 2009 distracted driving crash in Huron, South Dakota. Continue reading

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FocusDriven Distracted Driving PSA: 5,500; How Many More?

FocusDriven, the first national non-profit organization advocating for victims of distracted driving has released new Public Service Announcement or PSA titled, “5,500; How Many More?”

The PSA highlights that nearly 5,500 people are killed and half a million more are injured in distraction-related crashes annually. The auto industry and electronics makers whose devices are enabling distracted driving thus far show no interest in helping to curb this growing safety problem. And the U.S. Congress has forbidden federal safety regulators form promulgating national standards or rules. Continue reading

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DOT Secretary LaHood Blasts Distracted Driving Yet Again

Congress has prohibited DOT from enacting national regulations governing driving behavior, so LaHood can do little about it except use his “bully pulpit” to address the growing issue, which has been called repeatedly an epidemic by safety advocates. Continue reading

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NHTSA Administrator Strickland Visits NAIAS Show Promoting Jobs, Not Safety? The Endless Partison Political Campaign Continues

The man responsible for traffic safety in the United States, David Strickland, visited the North American International Auto Show – NAIAS – this week promoting the Obama Administration’s jobs agenda – or at least the let’s talk, but do little, part of it, with nary a word about traffic safety. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Outlaws Texting while Driving

Wisconsin is now the 30th state in the country – in addition to Washington DC and Guam – to ban texting while driving. Wisconsin’s new primary law, which went into effect today, carries fines between $20 and $400 for drivers found text messaging behind the wheel. Continue reading

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