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DOE Gives EV Supplier UQM More Time on ARRAS Grant

The politically contentious American Recovery and Reinvestment Act contained billions upon billions in taxpayer funding to businesses though a number of Recovery Act and related programs, including loans, loan guarantees, grants, contracts and tax incentives, in partnership with the Department of Treasury. In total, CBO estimates that the legislation will increase budget deficits by about $831 billion over the 2009–2019 period. Continue reading

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Department of Energy, Qatar Sign Agreement on Clean Energy

Qatar, an ally of the United States in the ongoing Libya war, has enormous reserves of both oil and natural gas, and as a result is an extremely wealthy nation. Qatar has agreed to market Libyan oil from sites controlled by the Libyan rebels and has sent troops to fight. Qatar also sponsors the Al-Jazeera television news network, the most influential media outlet in the Arab world. Continue reading

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Roush Begins Making Blink Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Ecotality home charging stations are said to offer advantages over conventional charging stations, including advanced energy monitoring capabilities that allow homeowners to optimize their energy usage and charge their vehicles when rates are lowest. The Blink Network charger interface is the hub where users can receive information about their EV and Blink Home Charging Station including charge status, statistics and history. Continue reading

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GM Invests in Envia Systems’ Battery Cathode Material

General Motors Ventures LLC has invested $7 million in Envia Systems get access to what is said to be an advanced lithium-ion cathode technology that delivers a battery with higher cell energy density and lower cost. Continue reading

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