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Real News: SEC Charges Lumber Liquidators with Fraud

Lumber Liquidators agreed to pay more than $6 million to settle the SEC action. The SEC’s order finds that in early 2015, Lumber Liquidators, a discount retailer of hardwood flooring, made public statements in response to a “60 Minutes” news program episode that showed undercover video of Lumber Liquidators’ suppliers stating that they provided the company with products that did not comply with regulatory requirements.  Continue reading

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Justice Department Seizes Chinese Counterfeit Sports Jerseys

Why the Obama Administration in general, and the State Department under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have not taken stronger actions against ongoing corrupt Chinese business practices is an unanswered issue here. Why Major League baseball and the National Football League, among other sports organizations, remain silent over the widespread counterfeiting of their apparel is a disgrace and mocks their hard-working, law-abiding U.S. fans. Will the multi-millionaire players living off law-abiding fans ever wake up and demand action or are they too rich to care? Continue reading

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Cramming, the Latest Assault on Your Privacy and Pocketbook

The latest scam in our largely unregulated computerized world is ‘cramming,’ a criminal practice that imposes small charges on your phone bill for false services or products. The root cause is the lack of adequate security at phone companies, which allow thieves to corrupt the billing system and arrange for fraudulent charges. Continue reading

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Japanese Suppliers Yazaki, Denso Plead Guilty of Price Fixing

The two-year price fixing sentences would be the longest imprisonment imposed on a foreign national for a Sherman Act antitrust violation. The fine amounts and prison sentences are subject to court approval and the potential influence of the U.S. State Department, which based on previous actions, cares little – if at all – in my opinion about competitive aspects of the U.S. auto industry or its effects on workers and the U.S. economy. In fact it can be argued that since the end of World War Two, State has actively pursued policies that strengthen offshore competitors of U.S. firms at the expense of the U.S. middle class. Continue reading

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