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Mercedes-Benz Starts Apprenticeship Program with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Mercedes-Benz USA says it has received approval from the U.S. Department of Labor and Department of Veterans Affairs, including State Approving Agencies, to become what it claims is the first luxury automaker to offer a Registered Apprenticeship Program. Continue reading

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The Secret of Future Success for Ex Auto Plants is Location

The study is the latest example of how devastating the collapse of the automobile industry is to the economies of local communities, many of them now with grim futures. Simply put, the best outcome for a community is to keep auto plants operating. The lack of a U.S. industrial policy – alone among all other industrialized nations and clearly a problem in the view of critics of multinational corporations – is not addressed in the study. Continue reading

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Another 400,000 Apply for Unemployment as Congress takes Month-Long Paid Vacation. No Job Creating Policies in Place

A new U.S. Senate report from the Joint Economic Committee says this: “Two years after the Great Recession officially ended, (Does anybody really believe the recession ended?) unemployment remains above 9% (the real rate is likely 12% or more). Equally alarming, the record long-term unemployment that characterized the Great Recession has shown few signs of abating and remains at near-record levels. Almost 4.5 million workers have been unemployed for a year or more. Another 1.7 million have been jobless for between six months and a year. Continue reading

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Labor Department Charges Systemic Wage Abuses at New Jersey Gasoline Stations. Enforcement Actions Underway

The Labor Department will not allow gasoline station employers — many of whom operate under the banner of multi-billion-dollar corporations — to exploit workers and deprive them of their hard-earned wages.” Continue reading

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