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US Public’s 2019 Priorities: Economy, Health Care, Education, Security. Republicans batting .200 or Less?

This is one of the most pessimistic year-ahead outlooks over the past several administrations, matching the 71% who expected more partisan opposition in 2015, following the 2014 midterm elections. Majorities of both Republicans (78%) and Democrats (67%) think partisans in Washington will bicker and oppose one another more than usual this year Continue reading

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Trump Claims Jobs Victory on Minor Tweak in Ford Production

The Louisville plant will continue Ford Escapes, along with the Lincoln MKC for the moment. No jobs were created, and given the overheated compact SUV market, no jobs were saved. Continue reading

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Toyota to Export from Turkey the C-HR to Canada and U.S.

The election of the Donald Trump TI model (Tariff Isolationist)* brings an interesting twist to the announcement today that Toyota will export into Canada and the U.S. its new compact C-HR crossover, which debuted last November as a Scion concept in Los Angeles. (Maybe it should have been called the Scion RIP?) Continue reading

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Trade Agreement Data at Odds with Political Rhetoric?

No wonder President Harry Truman was looking for a “one-handed economist.” So is AutoInformed, and we suspect millions upon millions of workers. Continue reading

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Boom or Bubble as US February Auto Sales Soar?

So be careful, really careful what you wish for! Not first rate strategic thinking in our view. More like the old Detroit ‘Ten Day Sales’ mentality. The most delicious aspect here in AutoInformed’s view is that you now have Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, threatening to impose tariffs on Ford Motor Company for exporting jobs and importing vehicles back into the U.S. Politics is Job One over in Dearborn these days for the government affairs and corporate P.R. staffs, but you never know because they are not going to say much in public other than these plans were in place and they are rebalancing production. Good luck with that. Maybe Ford should build where they sell? Continue reading

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