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Hyundai Sales Flat in April as Capacity Constraints Hurt

“Never has a relatively flat sales month felt quite so good,” said Dave Zuchowski, Hyundai Motor America’s executive vice president of national sales. The question facing Hyundai remains how to increase production to find out what is the true demand for its hot selling, highly styled vehicle lines? It has been clear for more than a year now that Hyundai needs another plant, a risk that management has so far been reluctant to take. Continue reading

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Dodge Dart Debuts Using First Fiat Architecture. More on Way

The U.S. Dart is in many ways similar to the original Ford Focus (C170) that was derived from a European Ford design a decade ago. And Dart faces the same challenges as well. Though bigger than that Focus – a decided plus in North America, and with much more content – it remains to be seen if Dart’s U.S. suppliers can rise to the quality challenge posed by competing small Japanese and Korean cars. Continue reading

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First Lifetime Hybrid Battery Warranty On Hyundai Sonata

The announcement appears to be an opportunistic and pre-emptive use of public relations, given current Chevrolet Volt battery fire concerns. The Chevrolet Volt uses the same supplier – LG Chem – as the 2011 model Sonata Hybrid. Model year 2012 Sonata hybrid versions are just about to go on sale since Hyundai is still clearing out inventories of its 2011 Sonata Hybrid. This is a rare sales setback for Hyundai, which also captured the North American Car of the Car of the Year award for its Elantra compact car at NAIAS, and reflects a larger hybrid sales problem that most automakers have. Continue reading

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Hyundai Strike! UAW to Demonstrate at Hyundai America

The United Auto Workers Union will demonstrate this Monday at the Hyundai America Technical Center in Michigan to support of a strike by Hyundai workers at a seat plant in Ulsan, South Korea. The Hyundai strike has Korean workers occupying … Continue reading

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