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New LG and Magna Joint Venture in Powertrain Electrification

The new company, tentatively called LG Magna e-Powertrain, is said to combine Magna’s strength in electric powertrain systems and automotive manufacturing with LG’s expertise in component development for e-motors and inverters. The stated goal is to hasten both partners’ growth in the electric powertrain market. The market for e-motors, inverters and electric drive systems is expected to have significant growth between now and 2030, and the JV will target this fast-growing global segment.The question in AutoInformed’s opinion is to how many electrification parts and services will be brought in-house by automakers and how much will go to suppliers? Continue reading

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Automobility LA – Fast EV Charging Network Plugged and Supported by Volkswagen Subsidiary Electrify America

However, industry observers note that there isn’t a clear focus in the U.S. to create an open electric vehicle charging network. In fact, the grid is to varying degrees populated by self-interested players in for a buck – as in charges via fees – and not necessarily for creating or sustaining potential consumer demands and expectations for convenience, reliability and speed. It’s true that these might ultimately become benefits, but one need only recall Enron* and its history with utility companies and how that worked out for consumers. Continue reading

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Volkswagen and Ford Alliance Under Study

Against this backdrop and with a possible shakeout as devastating as occurred more than a century ago as the automobile emerged, it’s not surprising that long established car companies are seeking collaborative agreements to share the risks, cut the cost of research, development and production and survive as an entity when taking an individual road appears one paved with doom. Continue reading

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Smart Head Annette Winkler Abruptly Departs Daimler

Winkler and – struggling Smart – were (are?) part of Daimler’s confusing small car strategy and current rush to electric vehicle production. Smart lost billions of Euros for Daimler. Its only fit appeared to be as a foil against mileage and emissions regulations, allowing the owner of Mercedes Benz to continue to thrive selling gas guzzlers. Continue reading

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Transformation to Mobility Company? Ford Returns to Detroit.

As part of an $11.1 billion investment in global electric vehicles announced earlier this year, Ford says it will sell electrified vehicles that “offer exciting experiences and enhanced capabilities based on what people need and want – including the all-new Mustang-inspired battery-electric SUV in 2020.” Continue reading

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Ford, Zotye Ink Chinese JV Agreement on Electric Vehicles

Pending regulatory approval – all but certain in the government directed economy – the new JV will design, build, market and distribute all-electric passenger vehicles for China, the world’s leading electric vehicle market. The establishment of the JV is a combined investment of 5 billion RMB (~ $756 million). Continue reading

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2017 Honda Clarity Electric Sedan Debuts

The Clarity Electric has an EPA fuel economy rating of 126/103/114 MPGe (city/highway/combined) and an EPA range rating of a mere 89 miles on a full charge – a range-limited market no doubt. Continue reading

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Renault-Nissan Alliance Sells 9.6 Million Vehicles in 2016

The Renault-Nissan Alliance had global sales of 9.96 million vehicles during 2016. The car group also continued its leadership in zero-emission vehicles with cumulative sales of ~425,000 electric vehicles since the introduction of the Nissan LEAF in 2010, followed by … Continue reading

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General Motors to use 100% Renewable Power by 2050

General Motors said today it plans to generate or source all electricity with renewable power for its 350 operations in 59 countries with wind, sun and/or landfill gas by 2050. Continue reading

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NEVS Completes Saab Asset Buy including the Brand Name

National Electric Vehicle Sweden or NEVS announced today that it completed the purchase of the main assets of bankrupt Saab Automobile, Saab Automobile Powertrain and Saab Automobile Tools. This includes the Phoenix platform, tools and the manufacturing plant in Trollhättan as well as test and laboratory facilities. NEVS has also signed a licensing agreement to use the Saab name on its future vehicles. Continue reading

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GM China Begins Building and Testing Advanced Batteries

General Motors China is now making and testing prototype battery cells and complete systems at its Advanced Technical Center in Shanghai, potentially creating a huge offshore industry that will build more affordable batteries for customers globally. Continue reading

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Electric Vehicle Charging and Battery Expo This November

What’s said to be the world’s first-ever Charging Infrastructure Expo will be held 13-15 November at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Mich., alongside The Battery Show. The forum is for industry leaders and stakeholders to discuss opportunities and challenges in the charging infrastructure industry, as well proving a showcase for the latest battery technologies and electric vehicle charging technologies. Continue reading

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Chevrolet Volt EVs on Way to California. Volts now Qualify For HOV Lanes and a $1,500 State Taxpayer Subsidy

Chevrolet Volts with a ‘Low Emissions Package,’ which is standard for California Volts, began shipping from the General Motors Detroit-Hamtramck plant this week and will begin arriving at the more than 140 Chevrolet dealerships in California before the end of … Continue reading

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BMW Delivers First All-Electric Active E in the US

The fully electric Active E with its lithium-ion batteries have a claimed a driving range of up to 100 miles on a full charge. With an output of 170 horsepower, maximum torque of 184 lb-ft from a standstill, BMW said Active E accelerates from 0–60 mph in under nine seconds. If the driver is a lead-foot – or is that now lithium foot? and/or the weather is cold – the Bimmer won’t go that far, of course. All such mileage claims await independent verification. Continue reading

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GM China Advanced Technical Center Nears Completion

GM intends to use Chinese battery suppliers in future electric vehicles – the latest setback for beleaguered U.S. workers who are facing grim employment prospects in the moribund U.S. economy. This is no longer a blue-collar or solely a UAW problem. College level white collar engineering jobs are at stake in advanced technologies touted by politicians as the key to returning the U.S. to global competitiveness. Continue reading

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