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Electrify America, Hubject Announce Launch of Plug&Charge

By offering the Plug&Charge in North America, drivers using Electrify America stations will have faster charging session authentication and authorization. Continue reading

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EVs ‘Normal Now’ Claims Electrify America

The campaign does not address the substantive issues behind range anxiety, charge time and cost. Continue reading

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Attack of the High-Voltage Zombies – Electrify America And Stable Announce Robotic Fast-Charging for Autonomous EVs

Electrify America has provided two 150kW DC fast chargers to Stable’s charging facility for initial development work behind demonstrating the commercial viability of autonomous charging services for self-driving EVs. Thereby begins another job-destroying Green Economy effort. Continue reading

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Automobility LA – Fast EV Charging Network Plugged and Supported by Volkswagen Subsidiary Electrify America

However, industry observers note that there isn’t a clear focus in the U.S. to create an open electric vehicle charging network. In fact, the grid is to varying degrees populated by self-interested players in for a buck – as in charges via fees – and not necessarily for creating or sustaining potential consumer demands and expectations for convenience, reliability and speed. It’s true that these might ultimately become benefits, but one need only recall Enron* and its history with utility companies and how that worked out for consumers. Continue reading

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Electrify America to Work with Six California Organizations on Adoption of ZEVs In Low-Income Communities

Electrify America uses definitions for low-income communities (LIC) and disadvantaged communities (DAC) established by the State of California, which are published and mapped by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) on its “Disadvantaged and Low-income Communities Investments” webpage1. Continue reading

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