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Significant Stories, Trends of 2017. And 2018?

However, journalists staring down a blank screen, an opaque prelude to more 2018 deadlines, do not have the option to Tweet and constantly Run away from the responsibilities of the job. Here is AutoInformed on some significant automotive related stories of the 2017 year, with our wry awareness, as always, that columnists conduct their education – sometimes not perfectly informed – in public. Continue reading

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Milestones – 100 Years of Bosch Generators

One hundred years ago, Bosch introduced the world’s first voltage-regulating generator for motor vehicles. Back then, it was only a power source for what were newly invented electric headlights by Cadillac founder Henry M. Leland. Leland also pioneered electric ignition on his cars, while Bosch – a magneto company – trailed that development. These were the early days of the electrification of the automobile, which continues to this day. Continue reading

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Subaru Key Fobs Running Wild and Starting Cars Randomly

Subaru is recalling various 2010 through 2013 models equipped with an Audiovox remote engine starter that was sold as an accessory. The key fob may run wild and randomly start the engine without the driver pressing the button. Continue reading

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GM Working on Rear Window Apps for Children of All Ages

If such interactive windows were put into automotive production they likely would use electronically charged “smart glass” technology, which is capable of variable states of translucence and transparency, and can reflect projected images. Smart glass is now used in architectural and display applications, but outside of movies like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is rarely seen in cars. Alas, there are no immediate plans for production. Continue reading

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