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Toyota to Start New Car Subscription Service in Japan

Toyota wants to change from an automobile manufacturing company into – what else – a mobility company that offers a range of services to society of the future. Until now, Toyota has strengthened alliances between Toyota Group companies and other automobile manufacturers and new companies offering mobility services to create partnerships. The next steps are murky. Continue reading

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Is the Tesla Bubble About to Burst?

Not surprisingly, the stock market is wary. Tesla stock has dropped for three straight days since the results – more than -5% on Thursday, almost -7% on Friday, and on Monday morning, it was trading down -9% at $236 per share. Continue reading

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NHTSA Opens Tesla Model S Battery Fire Probe

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration today officially opened a preliminary investigation into 2013 Tesla Model S battery fires. The probe safety affects more than 13,000 of the $70,000 to +$100,000 Tesla EVs sold in the U.S. Continue reading

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Third Tesla Model S Fire in Two Months

Tesla’s claim that gasoline cars catch fire, in defense of the second fire, while true, ignores questions about how many actually catch fire after a crash or hitting road debris adjusted for the vehicle population and miles driven. While it could be just a run of bad luck, three fires with such limited exposure need looking into. Continue reading

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