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Tire Wear Emissions 1000 Times More Than Exhaust Emissions

Non-exhaust emissions (NEE) are particles released into the air from brake wear, tire wear, road surface wear and re-suspension of road dust during  vehicle operation. No legislation is in place to limit or reduce NEE, but they affect air quality. Continue reading

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European Court Annuls Real Driving Emissions Limits. Cleaner Diesel Deception Threatened. They Can Be Banned from Cities

Their argument is provocative: “While the European Commission did not seek to increase the headline 80 mg/km emissions limit for diesel vehicles, which must still be adhered to in the laboratory test, they granted “Conformity Factors” that in effect did increase the limits for the harder, on-road part of the test. As a result, all diesel vehicles only had to meet 168 mg/km by September 2019, falling to 114 mg/km by January 2021. This was in practice a large increase in the permissible emissions limit.” Continue reading

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