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Pork Alert! Dump Ethanol Say Voters in National Poll

Likely 2016 voters have serious concerns about ethanol’s unintended consequences as a fuel, including damage to engines, land conversion and food prices, according to a new national poll. Continue reading

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Study Claims E15 Ethanol Gas Will Damage New Car Engines

At the heart of the controversy are the costs of installing E15 pumps at gas stations, which already are selling fuel with E10, as well as warranty costs at automakers, where typically powertrains are now covered for 100,000 miles. The problem for automakers and consumers comes from a regulation that applies to existing vehicles on the road, instead of a phase-in for future vehicles. While automakers are now building some vehicles that can safely run of blends containing up to 85% ethanol, CRC said the decision to move to E15 was “premature and irresponsible,” since millions of existing auto engines cannot. Continue reading

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EPA Proposes 2012 Renewable Fuel, ‘13 Biomass Diesel Volumes. Cellulosic Lags Law by almost 500 Million Gallons

The bulk of the program is comprised of ethanol production that is heavily subsidized, while imports of less expensive, more efficient sugar cane versions are effectively blocked by taxes. Currently U.S. taxpayers are handing agribusiness a subsidy of about $7 billion annually to use corn to make ethanol, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Continue reading

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GM Says No To More Taxpayer Funding. Withdraws Federal Loan Application for Advanced Technology Vehicles

General Motors today announced it is withdrawing its $14.4 billion application for direct loans from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that it submitted in October of 2009 after it had emerged from bankruptcy. Continue reading

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