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Whoops! Now Ford Motor Has Emissions Problems

Ford says it is now taking several actions, including hiring an unnamed outside firm to investigate the vehicle road load specifications used in Ford testing and applications to certify emissions and fuel economy. Road load can of course be manipulated since it is used in vehicle dynamometer testing, including for fuel economy ratings and emissions certifications. Continue reading

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EPA Tells Pennsylvania to Improve Air Quality in New Jersey

The EPA ruling potentially has broad implications for the future of electric vehicles in the U.S. since half of the electricity produced comes from burning coal – a notorious source of SO2. The two Portland generating units covered under this rule are large sources of SO2 emissions in the region since they are about 50 years old.

This is a national problem. Currently 44% of coal-fired units in the country do not have advanced pollution controls, such as scrubbers or catalysts, installed to limit emissions. Utilities and coal companies are and have been vigorously fighting efforts to solve the problem. Continue reading

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New EPA Grants Go to Universities for Black Carbon Research

Black carbon – including diesel powered vehicle emissions – can affect the climate in the near term, and as with other types of fine particles, can cause serious health effects such as cardiovascular and respiratory ailments. Fine particles have also been strongly linked to lung cancer. Continue reading

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EPA Moves Ahead on Greenhouse Gas Standards

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today issued a plan for establishing greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution standards for refineries and power plants, in what appear to be victories for small businesses, farms and environmental moderates. It also signals the Obama Administration’s … Continue reading

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