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General Motors to Sell Opel Vauxhall and Leave Europe?

If the PSA deal goes through, it would mean GM’s presence in Europe would be limited to niche sales of Cadillac, and Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette models – all of them exports. Continue reading

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15,000 Steelworkers March to EU Headquarters in Brussels

Over the past seven years, more than 80,000 steelworkers lost jobs in the European industry. Continue reading

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Automakers Protest European Laws Targeting Diesel Use

The automakers reason, not without some basis in fact – that the most effective way to improve air quality is getting older cars and trucks off the road. New vehicles less than one year old are roughly 5% of the road population in the EU. As more of the older diesels are replaced, it looks like fewer of them will be diesels, no matter how clean the newest ones are. Continue reading

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EU February Car Sales Increase. Signs of Life?

EU February car sales increased for the sixth consecutive month, with a rise of 8% in registrations. However, in absolute figures, the 861,058 units registered marked the second lowest result to date for a month of February since ACEA, the automakers trade group, began keeping track in 2003 with the commencement of an enlarged EU. Continue reading

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Peugeot Q3 Sales, Revenues Down. GM JV Scaled Back

The Peugeot Group this morning in Paris posted Q3 revenues of €12.1 billion, down -3.7%. Automotive revenues were €8 billion, down -5.8%. Continue reading

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August European Auto Sales Down Again

Auto sales in Western Europe fell by 5.3% in August dashing the hopes of auto executives that the market had finally bottomed out while continuing a five year negative trend as the results continue to confirm the bleak conditions facing the industry. Continue reading

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Renault Profits Climb to €583 Million despite Eurozone Crisis

Renault posted a profit of €583 million in the first half of 2013 in the face of the Eurozone crisis. The unexpected positive increase of 15% in earnings compared to last year came as Group revenues of 20,441 million dropped – 0.9% compared to the first-half 2012. Automotive operational free cash flow was negative at -€31 million with an automotive net cash of €732 million at end of June 2013. Continue reading

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EuroSlump Goes On – June Commercial Vehicle Sales Drop -5%

During June commercial vehicle sales in the EU dropped by -5% in the EU as vehicle registrations continued their downward trend to 149,996 units. In another dismal month, all segments were down, from -4.2% for vans to -14.0% for buses and coaches. Continue reading

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Milestones – 500,000 Porsche Cayenne Made in Leipzig

German Chancellor German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week killed a draft European Union law aimed at reducing carbon dioxide. Merkel facing federal elections in September, said “This is also about employment,” a concept that has eluded EU politicians for more than five years as the economic crisis deepens, but not for the lavishly paid, fed and housed Eurocrats. Continue reading

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European Car Sales Down Again in June. EU Slump Continues

The drop was in stark contrast to the recovering U.S. auto market, which is within a year or two to obtaining pre-Great Depression levels and the booming Chinese market,which at 23 million or more units this year will once again be the world’s largest. Once again the specter stalking European politicians whose austerity policies induced the ongoing human tragedy, is the their leadership role in the unchecked decline, which much like the decline of European power after a generation was slaughtered during WW1 is looking to be structural and permanent. Continue reading

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Western Europe Sales Slump Permanent?

“Flat is the new up in Western Europe,” claims John Hoffecker, co-president of AlixPartners. “Our models show Western European sales reaching a bottom of 12 million units in 2014, and largely remaining there for the foreseeable future – far from the historical peak of 2007, when 16.8 million units were sold. Continue reading

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New ACEA Head Announced as EU Crisis Continues

The automotive sector contributes positively to the EU trade balance with a €92 billion surplus, much of it at the expense of American autoworkers who pay taxes to underwrite lavishly NATO and European defense budgets giving German automakers in particular an unfair subsidy according to a growing number of critics of the U.S. defense budget and the State Department under the ‘no jobs’ Obama administration. Continue reading

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April EU Commercial Vehicle Sales Up Slightly. YTD off -7.6%

In a classic half empty or half-full interpretive dilemma, commercial vehicle sales in the EU increased 3.6% for the first time since December 2011. The uptick came mostly from demand for new vans (+5.8%). However, his year, the EU counted on average two more working days compared to the same month in 2012 because of how the Easter holiday fell. Continue reading

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EU Car Sales Weak in April. Off -7% YTD

This was the third lowest level of new registrations for a month of April, with the historic low for April reached in 2012 at 1,021,358 units, according to ACEA, the auto trade group. Continue reading

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Ford and Schaeffler to Make Fiesta EV

While offering no business reasons for the project at loss-making Ford of Europe, the company said there could be space-saving benefits that could support development of smaller cars that are more agile and optimized for urban areas with the ability to move sideways to park. Continue reading

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