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Ford F-Series and HISTORY Launch Six-Hours of ‘Truck Weekend in America.’ World’s Longest Commercial?

This first-of-its-kind collaboration appears to be a commercial – thus far unseen by AutoInformed – that highlights Ford’s truck legacy of “toughness, heritage and performance.”
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Ford Expands Power Loss Recall on Edge, Fusion, Lincoln MKZ. Issues Two More Safety Recalls in North America

Ford announced today it is issuing two safety recalls and expanding one safety defect recall in North America. On 2018 Ford F-150, Expedition and Lincoln Navigator vehicles equipped with a 3.5-liter GTDI V6 engine have high-pressure fuel pumps with misaligned welds. … Continue reading

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Ford – 100 Years of Trucks – 1917 Model TT to 2017 Raptor

Ford introduced its first purpose-built truck at the end of July: the 1917 Ford Model TT, arguably changing the character of work itself. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Q3 Financial Results Weak to Mixed

The question remains whether this is a breakthrough year at Ford as the company claims or just business as usual with the F-Series – $42,000 transaction price and strong sales leadership in the U.S. being the jewels in the crown. A redesigned Super Duty version of the F-Series comes in 2016, but the pickup line continues face threats from GM and FCA with its Ram brand. Continue reading

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Ford F-150 Aluminum Pickup Sheds 700 Pounds Late this Year

It is too soon for direct comparisons with the Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram and GMC Sierra because of the lack of detail in the media presentation. Some of the savings no doubt come from substituting smaller engines for a V8, but not all. No curb weights were given. Continue reading

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Milestones Texas Makes Millionth Truck – 2014 Tundra

This third generation Tundra is disappointing in our view because it carries over with its three existing and only average powertrains. Continue reading

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Toyota and Ford Trash Truck Hybrid JV

In a separate release earlier in the day, which likely caused the Toyota statement and also likely caught the reticent Japanese by surprise, Ford said “We know what it takes to build world-class hybrids, and we now will build and leverage that expertise in-house. Continue reading

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NHTSA Opens Ford EcoBoost Investigation for Stalling

The turbocharged engine is already subject to two class action suits alleging that the intercooler design is defective. These safety and legal matters are now looking like just the beginnings of potentially prolonged and image-damaging actions about Ford’s claimed fuel economy breakthrough with the downsized EcoBoost engine. Continue reading

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Horses for Courses – GM’s Small Block V8 Versus Ford and Ram

This debatable engineering philosophy gained some credibility today when GM revealed that the 2014 Silverado and Sierra pickups with the 5.3-liter V8 engine – the most popular engine – will be rated at an EPA estimated 23 mpg highway. The trucks also have better fuel economy and higher load capacity at a maximum of 11,500 pounds than the 2013 model Ford EcoBoost V6, an expensive approach that uses two turbochargers and intercooling, among other tweaks. Ram is using a 5.7-liter double overhead camshaft multivalve V8 linked in its best version to an 8-speed automatic, and is rated at 20 mpg. Continue reading

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GM to Face F-Series, Ram with New 2014 Silverado, Sierra Pickups

An initial analysis by AutoInformed indicates that the trucks are good, but the question lingers will they be good enough against Ford’s F-Series and Dodge’s Ram line, both with considerable marketplace momentum, and both with their own unique selling points from recent revisions. Continue reading

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Ford Motor U.S. Sales Flat in September

September U.S. vehicle sales at Ford Motor were the same as last year,175,000, as the Dearborn-based automaker continues to lag market growth. A variety of factors – including inventory shortages, the result of deficient forecasting made early in the Great Recession when Ford jettisoned (too) many workers and plants, as well as necessary new model changeovers now underway are clearly hurting results.

Projections put the overall U.S. industry up more than 12% when final numbers are available late today [September came in at +13%], with Japanese makers Toyota, Nissan and Honda expected to post double-digit increases as car segments continue to boom because of $4 a squirt gasoline. Once again, this month Toyota – now fully back in production – challenged Ford for the Number Two U.S. sales position with monthly sales of 171,910 units.

The subcompact, compact and midsize car segments are expected to show retail sales growth of at least 25% percent, compared with September 2011, according to a projection by J.D. Power and Associates. Japanese automakers have strong reputations and residual values in these segments, which result in attractive pricing, buyer loyalty and increasing sales. Continue reading

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Ford Motor U.S. Sales Increase 7% in January. Industry up 11%

The Ford F-Series, America’s top-selling vehicle for the past 30 years, posted January sales of 38,493 vehicles, representing an 8% gain amid signs that the full size pickup truck market in the U.S. is declining. Here preliminary numbers show that full size trucks now account for only 11% of the total industry. Continue reading

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