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Ford Pickup Truck Sales Best Q3 in 15 Years. Cars Dead

Ford’s overall pickup sales of combined F-Series and Ranger totaled 249,997 pickups. This was Ford’s best Q3 pickup sales since 2005, with combined sales up 4.0% over a year ago. F-Series Q3 retail sales were up 10.1% over a year ago and are back above pre-corona virus sales levels. Total F-Series sales of 221,647 for the quarter were up 3.5%. Continue reading

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Ford Motor in Corktown and Newlab Working on – What Else – Vehicle Connectivity, Autonomy and Electrification

Two years ago, pre-Covid, but nevertheless financially challenged Ford bought 1.2 million square feet in Corktown, Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, including the historic Michigan Central Station, with plans to establish a new mobility innovation district dubbed Michigan Central. Mostly press releases have followed since then. Continue reading

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Alexandra Ford English to Join Rivian’s Board of Directors

The announcement comes at crucial point for Ford Motor as analysts are speculating that future of a challenged Ford – operational competence, liquidity, as well as quality and warranty issues – will require a merger with another global automaker, perhaps Volkswagen. (Bill Ford has been quoted – second hand – by insiders as saying “No.” Then after a pause “Hell No.”) Continue reading

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California, Automakers Defying Trump Agree on Emissions

On April 13, 2018, however, the Trump Administration took the first step toward dismantling the national program when it issued a revised final determination that alleged the federal greenhouse gas standards for model year 2022-2025 vehicles were no longer appropriate.kxhw@aol.com Continue reading

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IndustriALL Endorses Global Agreements to Fight and Shape Policy on the Growing Number of Auto Plant Closures

So whither auto plants with their well-paid, highly skilled and heavily unionized work? Plant closures and retrenchments in several countries is worrying for unions. Continue reading

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Ford Invests $1 Billion in Chicago Plants for Explorer, Police Interceptor, Lincoln Aviator

Ford was the No. 1 producer of vehicles in the U.S. and the leading exporter of vehicles from the U.S., building nearly 2.4 million in 2018, Ford says it employs the most hourly U.S. autoworkers. Continue reading

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Ford Manufacturing Executives from General Pacheco Plant Sentenced for Crimes Against Humanity in Argentina

Müller was the plant’s manager and Sibilla was security manager at the time the crimes were committed. According to Spain’s El País newspaper, the judges ruled that Müller and Sibilla were actively involved in the dictatorship’s plan to repress union leaders at large companies. Continue reading

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ClimaCell Raises $45 Million to Map the World’s Microweather

ClimaCell is the first microweather technology company, finding and forecasting location-specific, short-term weather that others can’t see. While traditional weather companies forecast at the city level, ClimaCell forecasts at the street level. Continue reading

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Ford, Uber And Lyft Announce Agreement to Share Data

Ford Motor Company, Uber and Lyft today announced a pledge to SharedStreets, a new data platform designed – it’s claimed – to make it easier for the private sector to work with cities around the world to use your driving data to improve urban mobility. No mention of privacy or legal issues arising from the personnel data were addressed. Continue reading

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Versata, Not Ford, Owns Trade Secrets says Federal Judge

Versata declared publicly that the jury verdict could result in hundreds of millions of dollars of damages to Ford and could result in an injunction from using the “copycat” substitute software Ford secretly created behind closed doors that infringes on Versata’s property rights. Continue reading

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Ford Reorganizes Again Under Product Line Management Flag

Ford Motor is traveling well-worn pothole ridden roads. The move comes as Ford stock continue to languish below $10 a share of common as Wall Street remains skeptical of it future earnings potential. Continue reading

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Ford Places $1B Bet in Argo AI on Autonomous Vehicles

The very small Argo AI team of specialists in robotics and artificial intelligence is led by founders Bryan Salesky, CEO, and Peter Rander, COO. Both are alumni of Carnegie Mellon National Robotics Engineering Center and former heads of the self-driving car teams of Google and Uber, respectively. Continue reading

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During Q2 Ford Posts Best Profits, $2.9B, Since 2000

It was Ford’s best automotive quarterly profit since 2000. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Used Vehicle Sales Running at Record Levels

In general, automakers are setting record used car sales through their dealers as the U.S. economy slowly recovers – more than 80% of workers commute to work in vehicles – and interest rates remain at absurdly low rates as taxpayers continue to subsidize the bankers and Wall Street firms that caused the Great Recession. Record high new vehicle prices – more than $30,000 on average for a car, +$40,000 for a truck – are also forcing some buyers into used vehicles. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Q2 Profit at $2.6 Billion or 30 Cents a Share

Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] reported Q2 2013 pre-tax profits of $2.6 billion today, or 45 cents per share. The good overall result, which had analysts gushing over an automotive operating margin of 6.4%, improved 1.5 percentage points from 2012 at $726 million, or 15 cents per share, higher compared with a year ago. Continue reading

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