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ClimaCell Raises $45 Million to Map the World’s Microweather

ClimaCell is the first microweather technology company, finding and forecasting location-specific, short-term weather that others can’t see. While traditional weather companies forecast at the city level, ClimaCell forecasts at the street level. Continue reading

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Ford, Uber And Lyft Announce Agreement to Share Data

Ford Motor Company, Uber and Lyft today announced a pledge to SharedStreets, a new data platform designed – it’s claimed – to make it easier for the private sector to work with cities around the world to use your driving data to improve urban mobility. No mention of privacy or legal issues arising from the personnel data were addressed. Continue reading

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Versata, Not Ford, Owns Trade Secrets says Federal Judge

Versata declared publicly that the jury verdict could result in hundreds of millions of dollars of damages to Ford and could result in an injunction from using the “copycat” substitute software Ford secretly created behind closed doors that infringes on Versata’s property rights. Continue reading

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Ford Reorganizes Again Under Product Line Management Flag

Ford Motor is traveling well-worn pothole ridden roads. The move comes as Ford stock continue to languish below $10 a share of common as Wall Street remains skeptical of it future earnings potential. Continue reading

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Ford Places $1B Bet in Argo AI on Autonomous Vehicles

The very small Argo AI team of specialists in robotics and artificial intelligence is led by founders Bryan Salesky, CEO, and Peter Rander, COO. Both are alumni of Carnegie Mellon National Robotics Engineering Center and former heads of the self-driving car teams of Google and Uber, respectively. Continue reading

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During Q2 Ford Posts Best Profits, $2.9B, Since 2000

It was Ford’s best automotive quarterly profit since 2000. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Used Vehicle Sales Running at Record Levels

In general, automakers are setting record used car sales through their dealers as the U.S. economy slowly recovers – more than 80% of workers commute to work in vehicles – and interest rates remain at absurdly low rates as taxpayers continue to subsidize the bankers and Wall Street firms that caused the Great Recession. Record high new vehicle prices – more than $30,000 on average for a car, +$40,000 for a truck – are also forcing some buyers into used vehicles. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Q2 Profit at $2.6 Billion or 30 Cents a Share

Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] reported Q2 2013 pre-tax profits of $2.6 billion today, or 45 cents per share. The good overall result, which had analysts gushing over an automotive operating margin of 6.4%, improved 1.5 percentage points from 2012 at $726 million, or 15 cents per share, higher compared with a year ago. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Posts Q1 Profit of $2.1 Billion

The Ford Motor profit of 41 cents per share was $147 million lower than a year ago as results in Asia were weak because of ongoing expansion; weaker still in South America because of currency problems in Venezuela and Argentina, as well as competition, and frankly disastrous in Europe where Ford has not been able to stem a flood tide of red ink for decades. Continue reading

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Ford Makes $8 Billion in 2012 – Almost all in North America

Ford remains heavily dependent on the slowly recovering North American auto market, where it earned $8.3 billion, with an operating margin of 10% on sales of 2.8 million vehicles during 2012. Because of Ford’s 2012 financial performance, the company will make profit sharing payments to 45,800 U.S. hourly employees of $8,300 each. Ford expects similar North American results in 2013, with perhaps a profit increase if the pickup truck – where it is the sales leader – market continues to recover. Continue reading

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Ex Ford EVP David Thursfield Sentenced to Jail over Divorce

David Thursfield, a former executive vice president of Ford Motor Company and then a top Cerberus executive, has been sentenced to two years in jail in Great Britain for allegedly hiding assets during a contentious divorce settlement in 2005. Continue reading

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Ford’s Mulally to Remain as President CEO through at Least 2014

Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford said today that Alan Mulally plans to continue to serve as Ford president and CEO through at least 2014. Mark Fields was named the company’s chief operating officer effective 1 December. The announcement has industry observers debating whether Fields is ultimately talented enough to lead the U.S.’s second largest automaker. Fields will continue to report to Mulally, as will the company’s chief financial officer, general counsel and group vice president of Human Resources and Corporate Services. Continue reading

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Ford Motor U.S. Sales Flat in October – Second Month on Hold

Ford Motor Company posted weak sales of 168,456 total vehicles in October, unchanged from a year ago in an industry that grew more than 8%. Retail sales were up 2% compared to last year. It was Ford’s second straight no-growth month of the year. Continue reading

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Ford Motor to Sell Former Visteon Lighting Plant in Ohio

After this sale, ACH or Automotive Components Holdings will have only one remaining operation – the climate control business at its Sheldon Road plant in Plymouth Township, Mich. ACH was formed by Ford in 2005 to sell or close 23 former Visteon plants. Continue reading

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Toyota to Increase V6 Engine Output in Alabama

In April, Toyota Motor Sales came within a rounding error of surpassing Ford Motor Company as the Number Two selling automotive group in the U.S. Ford Motor’s U.S. sales decreased 5% in April year-over-year to 179,660 vehicles in a market that was up 2.3%, in part because its plants were running flat out. Number Three Toyota Motor Sales reported April sales of 178,044, up 12%. Year-to-date, Toyota Motor trails Ford Motor by 52,000 cars and light trucks, a gap is decreasing each month. Continue reading

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