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New Position: Pierre Leclercq Head of Styling at Kia Motors

Styling is an emotional prompt to buy as cars become more alike, and offer the same comfort, safety, and convenience accoutrements. Continue reading

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Chrysler, Ford, GM Post Double Digit August Sales Gains

Chrysler, Ford and GM all recorded double digit gains in U.S. August sales as the market went back to the pre-Great Recession levels of 2007. Robust pickup truck sales, a relatively trouble free changeover to the production of 2014 models, cheap credit and strong retail demand, all were factors in an overall industry that is now running at more than 16 million units annually. Continue reading

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Ford and GM to Develop 9- and 10-Speed Automatic Transmissions

Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation have signed an agreement whereby both companies will jointly develop an all-new generation of 9- and 10-speed automatic transmissions for cars, crossovers, SUVs and trucks. Continue reading

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Rotary Engine Le Mans Winner Mazda 787B Selected as ‘Legend’

For the 1990s, the voting- using French sponsorship and nationalist math – was a “dead-heat” between the Mazda 787B and the Peugeot 905 – so 11 cars were given ‘legend’ status. Continue reading

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Ford Motor January Sales up 22%, Best since 2006

After the F-Series pickup, the second best seller in the Ford line was the new Fusion sedan at 22,000, followed closely by the Escape at 20,000, the best January ever. Escape also had its best January ever, – sales increasing 16%, topping last year’s January record. The Fusion and Escape are apparently coated with Teflon, since reputation damaging multiple recalls after their launch, including engine fires affecting both, were ignored by buyers of the European-based vehicles that were redesigned for 2013 without the help of former subsidiary Mazda.
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EPA to Review Consumer Reports Data Claiming Ford C-Max and Fusion MPG Claims are Bogus in Real World Driving

The U.S. Environmental Protection agency will review Consumer Reports data claiming that Ford’s 47 mpg hybrid mileage claims were not realistic during real world – as opposed to computerized dynamometer – driving conditions. Continue reading

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CAW Working as 24-hour Contract Talks Shift to Chrysler, GM

Thus far, what is known of the Ford contract represents mixed results for the union, which was fighting a defensive action since talks opened in August. In spite of a push to reduce wage costs by all the automakers, the union retained its base pay and got cost of living bonuses. However, the controversial two-tier wage system that union members decry as divisive remains in place for ten years. Sharply lower wages for new hires at 60% of full pay would only allow them to reach parity after they are on the job for ten years. This could pose ratification problems. A similar deal remains controversial at the UAW in the U.S. among its members, which was successful last year in getting a two-tier contract renewed in spite of member opposition. Continue reading

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JMC and Ford to Buy Taiyuan Changan Heavy Truck in China

Ford Motor Company is reentering the heavy truck market through its partner Jiangling Motors Corporation in China. JMC will buy Taiyuan Changan Heavy Truck Company, its first entry into the heavy truck business. JMC currently builds Ford Transits under license from Ford, and Ford owns 30% of the light commercial vehicle maker. Continue reading

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Ford Europe Sales Plummet in June

Ford Europe sales in June dropped 16.1% to 100,400 units, with a declining market share of 7%, as the Eurozone crisis continues unabated. In a statement, Ford said that it would not match “heavy competitive discounting” by its already loss making European operations. Continue reading

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June Auto Sales Soar with Mixed Results for Detroit Three

Sales of new cars and light trucks in June increased 22% from the same period a year ago, as the auto industry delivered almost 1.3 million vehicles for the month. On a seasonally adjusted annual basis or SAAR, this meant that the industry-selling rate continues to be more than 14 million units for five of the six months of 2012, resulting in sales of more than 7.2 million vehicles year-to-date. The slowly recovering auto market presented mixed but arguably positive results for the Detroit Three. Continue reading

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Ford C-Max Hybrid Priced $1,000 Less than Prius V

Ford Motor Company said today that the 2013 Ford C-Max compact hybrid utility vehicle will be available this fall with a base price of $25,995 – more than $1,000 lower than the Toyota Prius v’s base price. Whether this makes any sales difference in the marketplace against the formidable Prius lineup remains to be seen. Continue reading

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Thirty Percent of Ford Shareholders Vote against Family Control

While a grand total of 63 people bothered to attend the Ford Motor Company annual meeting of shareholders in Wilmington, Delaware today, 29.5% of investors or 1,283,063,982 of them voted against Ford family control of the company through their holdings of Class B stock, which has 16 votes per share as opposed to one per share of common, assuming no one in the Ford family voted for losing power.
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Ford Sells Former Visteon Trim Plant to Faurecia

ACH was formed in 2005 to sell or close 23 former Visteon plants. The sale of the Saline, Michigan plant is expected to close in June. Nearly all of the 2,100 mostly UAW employees at the business have been offered employment, Ford said in a statement. Continue reading

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Ford Moves to Decrease Its $15 Billion in Unfunded Pensions

Ford took another step today to solve its huge problem with unfunded global pension plans, by announcing that it will offer to about 90,000 eligible U.S. salaried retirees and U.S. salaried former employees the option to receive a voluntary lump-sum … Continue reading

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Fitch says Ford Motor Company Debt is No Longer Junk

Fitch Ratings has upgraded the Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) for Ford Motor Company (Ford) and its Ford Motor Credit Company LLC (Ford Credit) captive finance subsidiary to BBB- from BB+. This means that Ford Motor and Ford Credit debt is investment grade for the first time since 2005 when Ford Motor was losing billions of dollars. Continue reading

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