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Chrysler, Ford and GM U.S. March Sales Continue Rebound

All of the Detroit Three continue to have weak spots as they face the resurgent Japanese and hard charging Korean automakers. However, all have critical car launches this year, which should keep the momentum going. One thing is becoming clearer as the year progresses – the offshore brands are coming back and the loyalty of their buyers remains as impressive as it remains a huge marketing challenge to the Detroit Three. Continue reading

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DOE Nixes Carbon Motors Loan in Midst of Taxpayer Subsidy Storm

How you view this depends on what you think of the role of government should be – if any- in nurturing the U.S. economy and promoting energy independence, among other thorny issues. Herewith, two, admittedly simplified interpretations:

– a needed correction after the ‘green jobs’ that were supposed to be established by such subsidies were revealed as just the latest lies from politicians;
– simply the squealing of corporate pigs when feeding at the taxpayer trough was stopped

And there remains another real issue about whether there is much – if any – thinking behind the proper role of vast government subsidies, but don’t look for that debate in the sound-bite campaign now under way. Continue reading

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Ford, Lincoln Change Touch Screens after Quality Ratings Dive

While Ford keeps claiming its customers want electronic features such as MyFord Touch, saying 56% of them rate the technology as an “important” part of the buying decision, its quality and customer satisfaction ratings by users as measured from independent sources have plummeted during the three years since introduction. Continue reading

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Ford Motor February U.S. Sales Increase 14%

Leading the way at Ford was the F-Series pickup truck sales totaled 47,273 pickups, up 26% – V6 engines made up 57% of F-150 retail sales in February; the expensive EcoBoost option accounted for 43% of mix. Trucks continue to be the real strength at Ford with trucks up 21%. Cars were up 16%, utilities up 5%. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Company Posts 2011 Profit of $8.8 Billion

As a result of Ford’s 2011 financial performance, profit sharing payments will go to 41,600 eligible U.S. hourly employees. Under the UAW-Ford collective bargaining agreement, Ford’s North American pre-tax profits of $6.2 billion will generate approximately $6,200 on a full year basis. Based on first-half 2011 results, about $3,750 was paid per employee, which was distributed in December 2011. For the second half of 2011, about $2,450 per employee will be paid in March. Continue reading

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Ford Shows Fiesta Derived EcoSport at New Delhi Auto Expo

India is projected to become the world’s third largest light vehicle market by the end of the decade behind China and the U.S. Ford lags badly behind competitors in Asia, and is playing catch-up while losing money. Continue reading

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New 1967 Mustang Convertible Body for $15,995

While purists will scoff, the chances of finding a rust-free, undamaged sixties era Mustang suitable for restoration are slight, given the popularity of the Mustang among car enthusiasts. Some panel adjustment and alignment has to be done, but the new-old Mustang body comes rust proofed and primed, ready for painting and assembly. Continue reading

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Toyota Moves East out of Euro Zone to Build Next Corolla

Neither country uses the Euro, which is crumbling in value as Eurozone crisis continues to increase, while EU leaders bicker over what steps to take about unsustainable, Greek, Italian and Spanish debt. So far the Greek and Italian governments have fallen, and serious questions are being raised about the political stability of the Spanish and French Governments. Continue reading

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Ford Taking Orders for 2012 Focus Electric at $39,995

No lease is available, so a typical payment to buy – with $4,000 down for 48 months – is almost $800 per month at Ford’s 7% interest rate. The gasoline Focus starts at just over $17,000. This means that the sales volume of the EV will likely be limited to a few enthusiasts. And Focus Electric also faces tough competition from the Nissan Leaf, which can be leased for about $400 a month. Continue reading

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Honda Cuts Production at All North American Plants from Thailand Flooding! CRV Delayed in Latest Setback for Japanese Makers after March Earthquake

Honda will decrease automobile production by 50% at all six Honda automobile plants in the U.S. and Canada starting this Wednesday as a result of shortages of electrical parts caused by the ongoing floods in Thailand. A statement will be issued later today. Initially Honda maintained that North America would not be negatively affected by the natural disaster.

Insiders at Honda say it is anticipated that this interruption continue for the next several weeks. The proposed December on-sale date of the all-new 2012 Honda CR-V could potentially be delayed by several weeks. Continue reading

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Pontiac Owners Show Loyalty to Remaining GM Brands

One year after Pontiac dealers permanently closed on 31 October 2010, General Motors has managed to maintain or increase the loyalty rate of Pontiac owners, according to by Edmunds.com. Edmunds found that 39.9% of Pontiac owners who traded in for … Continue reading

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Honda Closed, Toyota Cuts Japan Production from Thailand Floods. After Effects Continue to Worsen for Japanese Makers

Honda Automobile Thailand – HATC – continues to be shut down since October 4th because of the Thailand floods. “Due to the inability to access its facility in, Ayutthaya , HATC does not currently have a clear outlook for when production will resume.

Toyota Motor Corporation has also “adjusted” production in Japan this week due to Thailand parts shortages at least through Friday, as the after affects of the Thailand Floods – responsible for at least 300 deaths – continue to grow. Continue reading

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Standard & Poor’s Raises Ford Motor to Highest Junk Level, Credit Watch Removed after No Cost Increase UAW Contract

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services has raised its corporate credit rating on Ford Motor and Ford Motor Credit to ‘BB+’ from ‘BB-‘. This is just one notch below investment grade. Ford bonds have been appropriately rated as “junk” since 2005, … Continue reading

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Thailand Floods – Worst in 50 Years – latest Tragedy to Hurt Auto Industry as Honda, Toyota and Ford Production Disrupted

Thailand has been inundated by floods, the worst it’s estimated in at least 50 years. Aside from the real human tragedy, once again the auto industry is negatively affected since Thailand has an annual vehicle production capacity of almost 2 million units, extensive exports, as well as numerous component parts manufacturing operations. The disruptions will also have some unknown effects on production in other countries, which will become clearer during the next few weeks. Continue reading

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President Obama and South Korean President Lee Defend Korean FTA at a Michigan General Motors Small Car Plant

President Barack Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak toured the General Motors Orion Assembly Plant on Friday and spoke to several hundred workers and guests in support of the pending U.S-South Korean Free Trade Agreement. The rally came as U.S. long term unemployment remain at record post Great Depression levels. Korea is the fifth largest producer and fourth largest exporter of motor vehicles in the world, and – up to now – its car market has been closed. Continue reading

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