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Dangerous Marketing Tower of Babble: The Actual Meaning and Real Performance of Driver Assist and Autonomous Vehicles

A fatal accident in Florida last week by a Tesla with so-called “autopilot” was not the first fatality with vehicles – or Teslas that are supposed to improve safety by ultimately removing the driver and letting computer code make life and death decisions. The safety improvements are thus far without any statistical confirmation. Continue reading

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Automakers Boosting Power of Onboard Chargers for EVs

While high-end PHEVs are contributing to this trend, lower-end models in this segment are still using 3.7 kW onboard chargers. Consequently, onboard chargers with power ratings between 3 to 3.7 kW are expected to remain dominant, accounting for 62% of sales even in 2020. Charging time is important of course as a customer convenience factor in the struggling EV segment. Continue reading

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French Government Backs €7B in PSA Peugeot Citroën Debt

The French State will provide up to €7 billion in refinancing guarantees for new bond issues during the 2013-2015 period. It is the latest example of a taxpayer bailout of an ailing auto company facing increasingly limited credit options in the private capital markets, if they now exist at all. The subsidy is subject to EU approval by the Competition Commission in Brussels, and is vehemently opposed by the German state of Lower Saxony, the second largest owner of VW, the largest automaker in Europe by far. Continue reading

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Automakers Protest EU Korean FTA Deal is One Sided

European automakers are protesting that EU-South Korea FTA one year later has resulted in massive increases for Korean exports of passenger cars, yet only relatively modest gains for the EU auto industry. The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) took the opportunity of the first anniversary of the Korean FTA coming on 1 July to draw attention to what it called an “unbalanced situation.” Continue reading

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Electric Vehicle Charging and Battery Expo This November

What’s said to be the world’s first-ever Charging Infrastructure Expo will be held 13-15 November at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Mich., alongside The Battery Show. The forum is for industry leaders and stakeholders to discuss opportunities and challenges in the charging infrastructure industry, as well proving a showcase for the latest battery technologies and electric vehicle charging technologies. Continue reading

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London EV Conference to Debate Urban Mobility Issues and Incentives

Electric Vehicles will be at the heart of Frost & Sullivan’s upcoming annual industry event –  – Urban Mobility 3.0: OEMs New Mobility Offerings and New Business Models Linking Web 2.0,’ which takes on 13 -14 June 2012 in London. … Continue reading

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Honda Cuts Production at All North American Plants from Thailand Flooding! CRV Delayed in Latest Setback for Japanese Makers after March Earthquake

Honda will decrease automobile production by 50% at all six Honda automobile plants in the U.S. and Canada starting this Wednesday as a result of shortages of electrical parts caused by the ongoing floods in Thailand. A statement will be issued later today. Initially Honda maintained that North America would not be negatively affected by the natural disaster.

Insiders at Honda say it is anticipated that this interruption continue for the next several weeks. The proposed December on-sale date of the all-new 2012 Honda CR-V could potentially be delayed by several weeks. Continue reading

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Honda Closed, Toyota Cuts Japan Production from Thailand Floods. After Effects Continue to Worsen for Japanese Makers

Honda Automobile Thailand – HATC – continues to be shut down since October 4th because of the Thailand floods. “Due to the inability to access its facility in, Ayutthaya , HATC does not currently have a clear outlook for when production will resume.

Toyota Motor Corporation has also “adjusted” production in Japan this week due to Thailand parts shortages at least through Friday, as the after affects of the Thailand Floods – responsible for at least 300 deaths – continue to grow. Continue reading

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Thailand Floods – Worst in 50 Years – latest Tragedy to Hurt Auto Industry as Honda, Toyota and Ford Production Disrupted

Thailand has been inundated by floods, the worst it’s estimated in at least 50 years. Aside from the real human tragedy, once again the auto industry is negatively affected since Thailand has an annual vehicle production capacity of almost 2 million units, extensive exports, as well as numerous component parts manufacturing operations. The disruptions will also have some unknown effects on production in other countries, which will become clearer during the next few weeks. Continue reading

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EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement Favors Koreans

Under current market conditions, this waiver will not balance the current €10.7 billion trade deficit in automobiles, according to the respected consultancy Frost & Sullivan. Continue reading

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Japan Earthquake Causes Loss of 320,000 Vehicles. More Plant Shutdowns on Way and the Worst is yet to Come

“The Japan disaster has had a profound effect on the automotive industry,” said IHS Automotive Director Michael Robinet, noting that 13% of the global automotive industry is shut down and companies have lost 320,000 units of production since the earthquake, tsunami and power disruptions. Continue reading

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