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EPA Forces Ford to Lower Fuel Economy Ratings

Given the ongoing fuel economy rating scandals, with Hyundai and Kia being an egregious example, as well as numerous road tests from independent sources on other make vehicles, including AutoInformed, we no longer have confidence in EPA fuel economy stickers. Buyers beware; mpg is in a lot of cases ‘meaningless per gallon. Continue reading

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DOE and EPA Release 2012 Annual Fuel Economy Guide

The Bugatti Veyron at combined, city and highway ratings of 10/8/15 is the least fuel efficient vehicle in the new guide. The Nissan Leaf EV at 99/106/92 is the most fuel efficient vehicle, but that rating uses a conversion factor since the Leaf doesn’t run on gasoline, The Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid under this system is rated at 60/58/62. Real world driving of the Volt by AutoInformed returned about 35 miles to a gallon overall, once you got past its 30-40 mile EV range. The Toyota Prius hybrid is rated at 50/51/48 since the plug-in version won’t be available until next spring. Continue reading

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EPA, DOT Unveil New, “More Useful” Fuel Economy Labels

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 passed under Republican President Bush specifically said that EPA and DOT must rate available vehicles according to fuel economy, greenhouse gas emissions and smog forming pollutants, which the new labels do.
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