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Goodyear Drops World of Outlaws Racing Series After 2012

The surprise announcement ends Goodyear’s three-year sponsorship of sprint car racing in what is arguably the most competitive racing series run on dirt. Goodyear, of course, has been racing for more than 100 years going back to Henry Ford in 1901. Supplying tires for the Outlaw series is complicated with one tire with four different compounds on the right rear. The left rear comes in four sizes and compounds. The front tires have three different compounds. Continue reading

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Goodyear Recalls Light Truck Tires for Tread Separation

The recall results from the so-called early warning system that was put in place after the Ford Firestone tread separation fiasco of a more than a decade ago. Goodyear said there was an elevated level of returns and property damage claims for the tires, including stone drilling and other external damage to the tires. Continue reading

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Goodyear Experiments with an Inside Tire Air Pump

The technology involved is interesting if only because underinflated tires result in between a 2.5% and 3.3% decrease in fuel mileage, according industry research. That translates to about 12 cents per gallon at the pump at current – outrageous – fuel prices. Continue reading

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