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Renault, Klépierre Join on Shopping Center Mobility Services

Groupe Renault and Klépierre are also developing multi-use charging hubs for electric vehicles, dubbed “Charging Houses or Maisons de charge.” These stations will be installed by Groupe Renault in the car parks of shopping centers located in high population areas and will be used primarily by visitors during the day and residents at night and on weekends. Continue reading

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Renault Board Investigation Backs Ghosn. Governance Measures Stay in Place. Compensation Controversy Ongoing

Their preliminary conclusion is that the compensation of Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Renault and the conditions under which such compensation was approved followed applicable law as well as the recommendations of the *AFEP-MEDEF. The Board of Directors decided to maintain the current governance measures established on November 20, 2018. Continue reading

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Group Renault Revenues of €11.5 billion in Q3 2018 or -6%

During Q3 2018, Group Renault revenues reached €11,484 million (-6.0%). At constant exchange rates, Group revenues decreased by -1.4%. Continue reading

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Alliance Ventures Invests in Coord, a US Mobility Data Platform

Application programming interface – API – is a set of tools for MAKING software from defined methods of communication between various components. A strong API makes it easier to develop computer instructions by providing separated pieces, which are then put together by the programmer. Continue reading

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Group Renault Sets Half-Year Sales Record – 1.88 Million

Group Renault registrations worldwide, including Lada, increased 10.4% in the first half of 2017, in a light-vehicle market that was only up 2.6%. Continue reading

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Renault Group Links with Computer Vision Firm Chronocam

In the latest development on the rapidly moving road to autonomous vehicles, Renault now has an agreement with Chronocam SA, a developer of vision sensors and “computer vision solutions.” Continue reading

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