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Technology Key for US Transportation Infrastructure

Department of Transportation (aka DOT) government employees responsible for the construction, management and maintenance of the main arteries that traverse the U.S should have comprehensive decision-making tools or so maintains Logicalis US, an international managed services provider. Continue reading

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Snow Melts – Revealing Huge Roadway Potholes

As winter slowly fades, drivers are now confronted with huge potholes that are causing untold tire, wheel and suspension damage. Due to the severe winter, the bankrupt highway trust fund and states refusal to repair roads during the Great Recession, the potholes are a nationwide plague. Continue reading

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Highway Trust Fund – Higher Taxes or Big Spending Cuts?

The latest report from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office paints a grim picture of the status of the Highway Trust Fund that is supposed to keep the nation’s transportation infrastructure up to date and in good repair. Put simply, the … Continue reading

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Americans Want Highways and Bridges Fixed. So Who Pays?

A new survey from HNTB Corporation finds two-thirds of Americans “who intend to vote” during this year’s presidential election claim that a candidate’s standing on American transportation infrastructure will influence their decision. More than one in five (22%) claim this will be “extremely influential” on whom they vote for. Nearly nine in ten (89%) Americans feel it is important for the federal government to fund the maintenance and improvements of interstate highways.

Therein lays the potholes, crumbling concrete and rusting bridges in evidence all around us. Who pays? Overall, 4 in 5 (80%) of those surveyed claim they would rather increase funding and improve roads and bridges than continue current funding levels. You would never know this by observing the behavior of our ruling elites, though. Continue reading

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Chevrolet and Nissan Succeed with Plug-in Hybrids and EVs as the Business of Plugging In Shows First Product Results

Success is the verdict about one year after the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid and Nissan Leaf EV (electric vehicle) both went on sale, it was revealed last week at the third annual Business of Plugging In Conference in Michigan. And with Cadillac, Ford, Toyota about to introduce the their own plug-in hybrids, and a pure EV version of the tiny Chevrolet Spark coming in 2013, the small niche of electric cars has the chance to grow some more. Continue reading

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Great Recession Cuts Congestion as Economy and Traffic Stall

The growing traffic congestion problem is the direct result of politicians refusing to address the underlying problem of a bankrupt Highway Trust fund. Federal gasoline taxes that support the highway system, – 18.4 cents per gallon – have not been increased since 1993 as the population expands and road use and repair costs go up. Continue reading

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House and Senate Finally Agree Not to Close FAA but Fail to Address Taxes for Aviation and Bankrupt Highway Trust Fund

Last night the U.S. Senate went along with the House of Representatives and agreed not to shut down the FAA because its authority to impose excise taxes on airline tickets had expired. It was the 22nd extension of existing taxes … Continue reading

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Bankrupt Highway Trust Fund Could Send One Million More Taxpaying Workers to Unemployment Lines

Left out from the speech was the fact that it was the failure of politicians – starting with President Obama and his Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood – to act on the bankrupt Highway Trust Fund issue two years ago – in effect kicking the problem down to what now looks like a dead end road. Continue reading

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Senate Dithers as Highway Trust Fund Goes Broke

During a hearing today in Washington, Democrats and Republicans postured over President Barack Obama’s proposal for a six-year, $556 billion highway bill with none of the partisans suggesting how it will actually be paid for.

This ducks the real issue of the ongoing decline in highway trust fund revenues that built the interstate system during the 1950s and contributed to what was then a booming American economy. Continue reading

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