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Honda Says it Will Double Sales in China By 2015

During 2011 Honda sold 618,000 cars in China last year, dwarfed by market leader General Motor’s 2.55 million and Volkswagen Group’s 2.26 million. Among the Japanese Big Three, Nissan in China is twice as big as Honda and Toyota is 40% larger in terms of vehicle sales. Continue reading

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Sundiro Honda Builds More than 7 Million Motorcycles in China, Leading Country. Export Business Thriving, Including to Japan

Sundiro provides one model for the next wave of Chinese exports by using an established brand name to provide assurance to customers that highly complex motorcycles and ultimately automobiles can be bought with confidence even though they are made in China. Sundiro Honda now exports hundreds of thousands of motorcycles to more than 45 countries, and is one of the largest operations of Honda’s thriving motorcycle business. Continue reading

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