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Death Of The Diesel Continues As London Mayor Delivers Online Checker To Help Car Buyers Choose Cleaner Cars

The Mayor wants to help restore public confidence following the ‘dieselgate’ scandal, in which many Londoners wrongly brought ‘cleaner’ cars in good faith but later found out they had dirty polluting engines because of defeat devices or the official testing process not reflecting emissions in ‘real world’ conditions. Continue reading

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Volt Fire Hearings Pits Ideologues versus Engineers

In the end how you view this low-voltage Congressional short circuit – with lots of smoke but no fires – depends on how you view Obama Administration actions that used taxpayer-funded subsidies to encourage production of the Volt. These include $151.4 million in stimulus funds for LG Chem, which produces lithium-ion polymer battery cells for the Volt, and $105 million given directly to GM, as well as an end-user federal tax credit of up to $7,500 per Volt purchased. Such subsidies will likely be hotly debated for all industries during the election. Continue reading

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