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IndustriALL Pressures Volkswagen Group to Engage with UAW or Else Face Suspension of its Global Contracts

However, instead of entering into bargaining with the union, Volkswagen has repeatedly taken legal action against the vote, including an appeal against the ruling of the National Labor Relations Board during August 2016, which ruled in favor of the UAW. Continue reading

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IndustriALL – Shell Workers in Nigeria are Just Working to Die

Contract workers outnumber permanent workers 2:1 at Shell and do the most dangerous jobs. Workers also said that if they asked for better wages or wanted to join a union, they would be threatened with dismissal. Continue reading

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Auto Workers Strike at Hyundai Motors, Kia Motor and GM

Auto workers at Hyundai Motors, Kia Motor, General Motors (GM), shipyard workers at Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine, and auto parts workers at Hyundai Mobis and other major components workers went on strike for four hours or more. Continue reading

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Trade Union Leader Assassinated in Turkey

The IndustriALL Global Union tells AutoInformed that it “is horrified to hear that Brother Abdullah Karacan, general president of our Turkish affiliate DİSK/Lastik-İş (Rubber and Chemical Workers’ Union) was assassinated last week, while visiting union members at a Goodyear factory in the city of Adapazarı.” Continue reading

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Alcoa Escalates Global Attack on Workers

The Alcoa European Works Council (EWC) criticized Alcoa for failing to comply with European information and consultation regulations by not consulting with the EWC in advance and not providing the EWC adequate information. The Netherlands-based EWC has filed a court claim in the Netherlands in order to block the closure and layoff. Continue reading

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Workers Fired by Goodyear Mexico Continue Fighting

The global union IndustriALL is helping fight Goodyear’s callous actions that are reminiscent of Corporate America’s tactics a century ago. The new Trump mini Trade Agreement – NAFTA Light – apparently does not protect union workers, a shop-worn Republican move. Mexico’s freshly elected federal authorities have stated that they will ensure that workers can freely elect their representatives, which will result in employer protection contracts being phased out. Continue reading

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Auto Parts Maker Y-Tec Fires Workers for Unionizing

A Japanese-owned auto parts manufacturer in Thailand – Y-Tec – is conducting a brutal crackdown after workers formed a union, according to IndustriALL, a global federation of trade unions. Y-Tec monitored union members with closed circuit televisions, submitted them to random drug tests, dismissed some and forced others to resign, and laid a defamation charge against the union president over a social media post. Continue reading

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Unions Sue Renault-Nissan Alliance in Three Countries

IndustriALL and its US affiliate the United Auto Workers are suing Renault Nissan for what it claims are serious labor right violations at Nissan North America’s manufacturing facilities in Canton, Mississippi. Continue reading

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15,000 Steelworkers March to EU Headquarters in Brussels

Over the past seven years, more than 80,000 steelworkers lost jobs in the European industry. Continue reading

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Mexican Senate Approves Labor Law Reforms

The Mexican Senate has unanimously approved an initiative that amends Articles 107 and 123 of the Mexican Constitution, leading the way for what could be a serious advance for workers in the country. This would impact the auto companies doing … Continue reading

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Unions Discuss Transatlantic Organizing

In what could have broad implications for U.S. automakers – particularly those with non-union transplants – German and U.S. union members met in Berlin today to make plans to build power on both sides of the Atlantic through coordinated organizing. It won’t be easy given the prevalence of union-busting in the U.S. even at German companies. Continue reading

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South African Metalworkers Win 35% Wage Increase

NUMSA declared a dispute with the employers’ group in July. After prolonged negotiations, an agreement was reached and signed on 12 September. This is the first time in nine years that an agreement was reached in the sector without strike action. In 2013, a strike by NUMSA in both manufacturing and components caused major problems for automakers. Continue reading

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Metalworkers Demonstrate in Brazil at Bosch, Correo, Renault, Volvo and WHB Plants. Much Larger National Strike Proposed

On 8 September, leaders of metalworkers unions affiliated to the CNTM and to the CNM/CUT, also affiliated to IndustriALL, announced that they will hold a joint national strike on 29 September. Continue reading

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Police Violence at Demonstration at Maruti Suzuki?

The more than 3,000 temporary workers at the Manesar plant had been demanding wages at par with permanent workers, and rallied at the plant gates to show their discontent. Police responded by violently breaking up the demonstrators. Several workers were injured and arrested. Continue reading

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UK Steel Workers to Shut down Tata

First national steel strike in UK for 35 years starts on 22 June as 17,000 Tata Steel workers protest proposed pension cuts from the Indian conglomerate that owns Jaguar Land Rover. Continue reading

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