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Car Spy Jim Dunne Catches a Revised 2015 Ford Mustang

Jim Dunne caught a look at what Ford Motor is working on for the 2015 model year Mustang, which he opines will have an independent rear suspension. At least that’s the impression he got from viewing this rear view of a Ford Mustang test vehicle. Taillights, upper panels and the license plate mount are the same as current Mustangs, so why cut out the lowest panel? Continue reading

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Pilot School Owners Go to Prison Over Swiss Bank Accounts

The criminal actions by the Roberts were made possible by UBS, which in February 2009 entered into a so-called deferred prosecution agreement whereby the bank admitted to helping U.S. taxpayers hide accounts from the IRS. As part of the agreement, UBS provided the U.S. government with the identities of, and account information for, certain U.S. customers of UBS’s cross-border business, including the Roberts. Continue reading

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Owner of Hawaii Car Dealerships Pleads Guilty to Tax Crimes

Alan Pflueger, the owner of multiple car dealerships and one of Hawaii’s wealthiest people, was at the head of a tax crimes fraud that paid his personal expenses, which were deducted as business expenses by Pflueger Inc, the Justice Department said. Continue reading

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National Hot Rod Association Tax-Exempt Status Attacked

The IRS has received a complaint challenging the tax-exempt status of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) from the Washington law firm of Caplin & Drysdale. The complaint alleges that the drag racing organization’s activities mimic those organized by for-profit automobile entertainment companies. Continue reading

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