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Automakers Flub Launch of High Tech Vehicles, IQS Shows

The latest IQS or quality data revealed today at the Automotive Press Association meeting in Detroit shows that the number of problems experienced by new-vehicle owners has increased from the previous year, as automakers continue to have severe problems with complicated technologies now being deployed in new vehicles. Continue reading

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2014 U.S. March Auto Sales Forecast Up

New-vehicle retail sales in March are showing signs of improvement – projected at 1.19 million or +7% year-over-year – following slower-than-expected sales in the first two months of 2014. Continue reading

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December U.S. Vehicle Sales Projected at a +4% Increase

The Detroit Three continued to build inventory rapidly, and their combined days’ supply climbed from 87 days at the beginning of November to 93 days by the end of the month. This is potentially worrisome. Continue reading

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November U.S. Sales Forecast at 1.2 Million

Through the first half of November, the average transaction price of new vehicles is $30,079, an increase of $461 from November 2012. Sales and transaction price increases mean that consumers will spend 10% more on new vehicles during the month than they did in November 2012, and nearly double the level of November 2008 during the Bush Administration’s Great Recession. Continue reading

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September U.S. Auto Sales Slowing in Latest Forecast

While a total September sales forecast of 1,132,800, if accurate, represents a mere 2% increase from September 2012, a calendar issue with Labor Day has negatively biased the month. The auto industry reports sales on a sales month basis rather than a calendar month basis. Historically, Labor Day falls in the September sales month. Not in 2013 though, it fell in the August sales month. Continue reading

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Gen Y Internet Auto Shoppers Open to Any Brand

New-vehicle buyers who use the Internet for auto shopping are open to any brand when they initially, and more than one-half of so-called Gen Y buyers are open to consider any brand that meets their needs, according to a new study. Among all auto shoppers, 79% use the Internet to research their new vehicle purchase. Continue reading

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August Auto Sales Forecast at a Robust 13.1 Million SAAR

U.S. new vehicle sales in August are projected at 1,270,400 units, a 12% increase from August 2012 and the highest monthly sales tally since 2006. Continue reading

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July U.S. Sales Projected as Hot – up 12%

Not all this is good news for automakers in general, and specifically the Detroit Three. Drastic capacity cuts during the Great Recession have caught them out with the market recovery volumes approaching 16 million now running at least a year ahead of earlier forecasts. Mandatory overtime and cancelled vacations are the rule of the day, which ultimately will wear down UAW and workers at Japanese companies and inevitably lead to quality declines. Continue reading

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U.S. June Vehicle Sales Forecast Up. Prices Highest in History

Unfortunately, for buyers, the strong selling rate is matched by strong transaction prices. Thus far, in June, the average transaction price of new vehicles is $28,900, the highest ever for the month, according to J.D. Power, the source of the data. Continue reading

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Porsche and General Motors Top Power IQS Quality Survey

Luxury brand Porsche and populist Chevrolet lead initial quality reports for 2013 models. As a manufacturer, General Motors leads other automakers by far. These claims come from the latest J.D. Power and Associates IQS – Initials Quality Survey – that polled more 83,000 owners after 90 days of experience with their new car or light truck. Continue reading

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May U.S. New Vehicle Sales Projected at 12.5 m SAAR

New vehicle sales in May are projected to be about 1 million retail units higher than one year ago, resulting in a seasonally adjusted annualized rate or SAAR of 12.5 million. This is the highest annual rate since January of 2013, and May, if the forecast is accurate, will be the third consecutive month with retail sales in excess of 1 million. Relatively affluent new vehicle buyers are taking advantage of cheap interest rates as the Federal Reserve continues to print money in a desperate attempt to revive a sluggish economy where 16 million people remain unemployed or under-employed because of the ongoing effects of the Great Recession. Continue reading

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Auto Insurance Websites Only Rated Fair for Policy Shopping

Auto insurance customers say that using insurance company websites to service an existing policy is generally easier than using them to shop for a policy, according to a new study. Continue reading

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U.S. April Vehicle Sales Forecast at 12.1 Million SAAR

The annual sales rate of U.S. new vehicle sales for April is forecast as flat at 12.1 million units. This is the third month this year above 12 million, though, with retail sales of 1,029,000 million projected. Continue reading

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March U.S. Auto Sales Forecast Up 8%. Six-Year Loans at Record Levels

Part of the reason for increasing sales appears to be the direct result of the U.S Treasury continuing increase in the money supply by running government printing presses non-stop in an attempt to keep the economy expanding. As a result, easy credit has returned to the marketplace. Customers also appear to be ignoring, if not mocking, the dire predictions of crisis, tragedy and collapse by bickering politicians in Washington. Continue reading

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Customer Satisfaction Up at U.S. Dealer Service Departments

The CSI rankings are based on dealer service performance during the first three years of new-vehicle ownership, which typically represents the majority of the vehicle warranty period. After the warranty expires, dealerships traditionally have little chance of getting maintenance work as more than two thirds of customers then resort to independent repair shops and mass merchandiser tire, transmission, brake and muffler chains. Continue reading

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