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April Japanese Automaking Surges with $13 Billion in Exports

The strong recovery is bad news for the Detroit Three since many of the vehicles will be shipped to North America, by far the largest export market for Japanese automakers. More than 157,000 vehicles were shipped to North America, with 140,000 of those sent the United States, where the new vehicle market is slowly growing once again. Continue reading

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Toyota, Nissan and Honda April Auto Production Plummets

Toyota, Nissan and Honda – the Japanese Big Three – become a lot smaller in April as production virtually halted in Japan and was severely hurt globally due to parts shortages caused by the earthquake in March. Continue reading

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U.S. Bound Infiniti Models Damaged in Japanese Port; Nissan to Reopen Some Japanese Plants. V6 Engines a Problem

Nissan says that about 1,300 Infiniti vehicles were damaged in port in Japan due to the earthquake and tsunami. However, this equates to a few days’ supply for the luxury brand, which is heavily dependent on Japanese imports for most of its premium vehicles. Continue reading

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