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My Friend Jim Dunne

It had it all – Detroit Royalty surprised, hot cars, and a globally saleable glamour shot. Yes, Jim Dunne had it – he was the sine qua non of an entire category of journalism – automotive spy photography. Continue reading

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Volt Camouflage Designed to hide Freshened Sheet Metal

The camouflage package on the next-generation Volt was started six months in advance of early development. The tricks are constantly updated to keep spy photographers – Jim Dunne, who graciously contributes to AutoInformed – and the curious guessing. Continue reading

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Dodge Dart Reborn based on Alfa Romeo Platform

The new Dodge Dart will appear in modified form with a lengthened and widened platform, which Dodge claims will have segment-leading interior roominess. Dodge exited the compact car segment (or so-called c-car segment) when then owner Daimler killed the Neon back in 2005 – as gasoline was relatively cheap at just over $2 a gallon and truck and SUV sales were booming. The Neon nameplate goes back to the 1995 when Bob Lutz then at Chrysler boasted it would beat the Japanese in the economy car segment. It didn’t come close. Continue reading

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Car Spy – New Chrysler Products based on Fiat Platform

The car caught here is based on Fiat’s compact line, which also includes Alfa Romeo versions. The Alfa Romeo brand will be reintroduced to the U.S. starting in 2013, as part of the Fiat 500 franchise. Fiat dealers in the U.S. only have the 500 to sell until then. Whether the actual Alfa Romeo Giulietta – a four-seat compact makes it is unclear. An Alfa two seater is thought to be the first comeback car. Continue reading

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Book Review: Car Spy – an Inside Look at an Auto Culture Past

Car Spy is entertaining, funny, and sardonic. It captures the voice of Dunne – caveat here – whose adventures I sometimes participated in, whose photos I ran in various publications and still run in AutoInformed.com, and whose stories related in Car Spy I heard first hand. Continue reading

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