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U.S. Unemployed Far Outnumber Job Openings

The April Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) released last week by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that job openings fell by 118,000 in April to only 3.8 million. Job openings have seen little improvement during the last year and remain depressed. In 2007, there were 4.5 million job openings each month. April’s rate of 3.8 million is more than 16% below the levels before President Bush’s Great Recession took hold. Continue reading

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Obama Administration Submits Controversial FTAs to Congress. Largest Loss of Jobs since NAFTA Coming?

The AFL-CIO said the “The Korea agreement is the largest offshoring deal of its kind since NAFTA. If enacted, it likely will displace 159,000 U.S. jobs, mostly in manufacturing. And its glaring loopholes would allow unscrupulous businesses to import illegally labeled goods from China and possibly even from sweatshops in North Korea—potentially without any tariffs at all.” Continue reading

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Labor Demand Down Again, Continuing Unemployment Trend

nline advertised vacancies were down 43,500 in September to 3,947,100, according a Conference Board study released today. The September drop follows a decline of 164,000 in August and a decrease of 217,000 in July. The Supply/Demand ratio stands at 3.50, meaning there were 3.5 unemployed for every online advertised vacancy in August, the latest monthly data available for unemployment. Nationally, there are 10 million more people officially unemployed (9.98 million) than advertised vacancies under the “no jobs” Obama Administration. Continue reading

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Another 400,000 Apply for Unemployment as Congress takes Month-Long Paid Vacation. No Job Creating Policies in Place

A new U.S. Senate report from the Joint Economic Committee says this: “Two years after the Great Recession officially ended, (Does anybody really believe the recession ended?) unemployment remains above 9% (the real rate is likely 12% or more). Equally alarming, the record long-term unemployment that characterized the Great Recession has shown few signs of abating and remains at near-record levels. Almost 4.5 million workers have been unemployed for a year or more. Another 1.7 million have been jobless for between six months and a year. Continue reading

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Unemployment Insurance Claims Rise for Fourth Straight Week

This is a clear sign that the U.S. economy is not creating jobs as both political parties maneuver for advantage in the upcoming presidential election with no apparent desire to address current economic problems. Continue reading

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