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Mercedes One, Two at Russian Grand Prix. Ferrari Third

Formula One continued its struggle to put on a race on the track at the Russian Grand Prix yesterday, as safety cars once again turned the racing into a battle of pit crews with the drivers providing entertainment via their car radio communications complaining or questioning the team strategies. Continue reading

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Fiat Chrysler Cops Plea on Fraudulently Reporting Sales

According to the SEC’s order, between 2012 and 2016, FCA US issued monthly press releases falsely reporting new vehicle sales and falsely touting a “streak” of uninterrupted monthly year-over-year sales growth. However, the growth streak had been broken in September 2013.  Continue reading

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Penske’s Newgarden, Pagenaud One-Two in 2019 IndyCar

Newgarden gave team owner Roger Penske his 16th series championship, including the fourth in the last six years. Josef Newgarden didn’t have a race-winning car on Sunday afternoon, but his eighth-place finish was enough for him to earn his second Series Championship, and Team Penske’s 16th. Continue reading

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SEC Charges and Settles False Financial Disclosures Against Nissan, Former CEO Carlos Ghosn, Former Director Greg Kelly  

Critics no doubt will say the settlement is laughable given the amount of money involved. Continue reading

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GM Strike Gets Nasty as it Cancels UAW Healthcare Plan

The UAW activated the strike fund as soon as it became aware of GM’s strategic (ham-fisted?) decision to cut healthcare. Continue reading

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Teamsters to Honor Picket Lines of 50,000 UAW GM Workers

 “We laud the UAW for its work to ensure that its GM employees are treated with respect and dignity on the job. At a time when more and more companies are downsizing and shipping jobs out of the U.S., it is imperative that unions fight for their members. Workers should be rewarded for good work with fair wages and benefits. That’s what the UAW is demanding.” Continue reading

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August Global Light Vehicle Sales Drop -3.9%

Global Light Vehicle (LV) sales fell 3.9% in year-on-year (YoY) terms in August, but the selling rate accelerated to 94.9 mn units/year, from 90.9 mn units/year in July, according to the LMC* consultancy. However, in a whistling past the graveyard … Continue reading

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Ford Recalls 311,907 Explorer SUVs for Dangerous Seat Frames

It took 31 reports of hand injuries before Ford acted on replacing the dangerous part. This is the seventh safety defect recall – thus far – on the 2017 model Explorer. Continue reading

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GM Finally Recalls 3,456,111 SUVS, Pickups for Bad Brakes

These vehicles are equipped with a secondary, hydraulic power brake assist system that activates to provide power brake assist if the vacuum drops, however, as calibrated the hydraulic brake boost assist is limited at lower speeds. Continue reading

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Electric Vehicle Charging Emissions – Good and Better?

As more renewable energy gets added to traditionally fossil-fueled power grids, real-time emissions rates are increasingly exhibiting large swings from clean to dirty and vice versa from one moment to the next. This is a well-known and classic EV problem. They are in fact Elsewhere Emissions Vehicles. Continue reading

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alice + olivia: The Rag Trade Meets a VW Rag Top

 It’s a latter-day version of Janice Joplin’s bathtub Porsche without the superstar musical talent or the 1960s backdrop.


It’s a latter-day version of Janice Joplin’s bathtub Porsche without the musical talent or the 1960s backdrop.
Continue reading

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Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa Forced Out Over Ghosn Matter

The move comes following a report from the beleaguered company’s Audit Committee that recognizes several instances of misconduct from the findings of the internal investigation that is only partially available publicly in filtered form. On May 14, 2019, Nissan belatedly issued numerous amendments to its past annual securities reports, correcting director compensation figures to reflect the amounts that should originally have been disclosed. Continue reading

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Porsche Opens Zuffenhausen Factory for All-Electric Taycan

German automakers whose entire reputations – especially in expensive segments – are built on technology and they are struggling to catch up with Toyota on hybrids and have few EV entries thus far. Add in the emerging threats of Apple and Google in the auto business and the Dieselgate fiasco and there’s a case to be made that the Germans are playing defense. Continue reading

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Data Show GM Automated Safety Systems Prevent Crashes

The GM active safety systems evaluated are addressing a wide range of common crashes that cause a large amount of injuries, property damage and cost to GM customers and society. Continue reading

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Chrysler Recalls More than 1.1 Million Ram Pickup Trucks for Unexpected Tailgate Openings While Driving

The safety defect stems from a tailgate actuator limiter tab that may fracture and cause the tailgate to unlatch and pop open. The unsafe trucks were assembled in Mexico and the U.S. with bad parts from ADAC Plastic in Saranac Michigan. Continue reading

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