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Toyota to Export U.S. Built Camry to South Korea

The Camry mid-size sedans will be made at Toyota’s manufacturing plant in Georgetown, Kentucky, which is Toyota’s largest manufacturing facility outside of Japan. The strong Japanese Yen is causing Toyota to increase production out of its home country. Whether a U.S. made Camry is any more suited for the Korean market given Japan’s troubled relations with Korea is debatable. Continue reading

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Toyota to Export U.S.-Built Sienna to South Korea. FTA that UAW Supported, Also Helps Non-Union Plant Exports

The Korea FTA is opposed by all organized labor groups, except the United Auto Workers Union, which in the view of critics sold out organized labor for the promise that 75,000 UAW-built vehicles would be exported to Korea. Thus far Ford and General Motors, all with new four-year UAW contracts, have not announced plans to export to Korea. Continue reading

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EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement Favors Koreans

Under current market conditions, this waiver will not balance the current €10.7 billion trade deficit in automobiles, according to the respected consultancy Frost & Sullivan. Continue reading

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