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Ford UAW is Next Labor Contract Fight. Strike Possible?

If the GM UAW contract sets the pattern, as it has in the past, a combination of job creation and increased pay for new union hires (the shrinking UAW desperately needs the revenues) will occur and signing bonuses will be given to existing workers under a new Ford UAW deal. Continue reading

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GM India Hires Scabs to Break Chevrolet Cruze Plant Strike

The General Motors India strike by the Gujurat Kamdar Mandal union is reminiscent of UAW sit down strikes during 1936-37 in Michigan, which led to recognition of the Union and the right to collective bargaining by the world’s largest automaker. Thus far Solidarity House, the UAW’s international headquarters in Detroit has remained silent on the GKM strike, and refused multiple requests for comment. General Motors in the U.S. simply says it is working with local groups in India. Continue reading

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General Motors India Strike Continues at Cruze and Aveo Plant

More than 1,000 workers at the General Motors Halol plant in Gujurat State, India have been on strike for the last three weeks in an increasingly bitter struggle that has seen the workers forcibly ejected from the plant after the government declared the strike illegal. It was reminiscent of UAW sit down strikes during 1936-37 in Michigan. Continue reading

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Workers Paid Eight Cents for Each $25 NFL T-shirt!

Women at the Ocean Sky “sweatshop” in El Salvador are paid just eight cents for each $25 NFL T-shirt they sew, according a press release just issued by the National Labor Committee.

Their wages amount to just 3/10ths of one percent of the NFL shirt’s retail price, according to the non-profit pressure group with un-posted sources of funding. Continue reading

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