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Hyundai Partners with Netradyne on Vision Technology

The two organizations say they will create a “strong collaborative environment” for their individual artificial intelligence and research and development teams. HYUNDAI Mnsoft will use Netradyne’s dynamic crowd-sourced deep vision technologies for the development of HD Maps in its next generation of Hyundai and Kia vehicles. Continue reading

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Luminar and Volvo Show Full Autonomy Sight System that Reads Pedestrian Body Language and Predicts Movement

Pose estimation is used to understand and predict pedestrian body language, behavior and intention, but has traditionally only been achieved with dense 2D data from cameras. Continue reading

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Autonomous Vehicles Buying Stampede – GM and Strobe

LIDAR uses light to create high-resolution images that provide a more accurate view of the world than cameras or radar alone. As self-driving technology continues to evolve, LIDAR’s accuracy will play a critical role in its deployment. Long gone is the original fantasy that State and Federal road markings would be adequate. – they don’t even work for human directed vehicles. Continue reading

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Robert Bosch Invests in TetraVue for Lidar Skills

In theory, TetraVue’s expertise helps to address challenges with automated vehicles encountering unexpected and dangerous obstacles during operation. TetraVue’s core technology differentiation is claimed to be their patented “light slicer” technology, which uses time and distance measurements to find optical intensities using standard CMOS sensors. Continue reading

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ZF Takes Major Stake in Lidar Expert Ibeo

Lidar is a key technology for autonomous driving, object recognition and accident prevention. Continue reading

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