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LMC Automotive Now Projects Double the Decline of the Great Recession in Light Vehicle Sales During 2020

LMC currently is forecasting 2020 global Light Vehicle sales to fall below 77 million units, a decline of nearly 14 million units or -15% from the 2019 level. For comparison, global Light Vehicle sales fell 6 million units from 2007-2009 to 64 million units, a two-year decline of 8.7%, or 4.5% CAGR. Continue reading

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Western European Passenger Car Sales Weak

The introduction of WLTP in September 2018 distorted the market in August and September last year, with a high base effect in August and a low base effect for September as it became clear that diesels were dirty and not meeting emission standards. Continue reading

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Weak Chinese Retail Sales in August Delay Recovery

Chinese passenger production improved in August, with a drop of  -0.7% to 1.66 mn units, recovering from the double-digit declines seen in recent months. LCV output fell by – 0.9% to 0.24 mn units. LV output was down by 0.8% YoY, on total build of 1.90 mn units. Now that vehicle stocks have been unwound, OEMs no longer are carrying bloated inventories and are preparing to resume normal production rhythms, says LMC. However, LMC decided to make a further cut to the passenger vehicle growth forecast for 2019, from -5.5% to -7.4%. This is bad news for the global economy in general and the Detroit Three. Continue reading

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August Global Light Vehicle Sales Drop -3.9%

Global Light Vehicle (LV) sales fell 3.9% in year-on-year (YoY) terms in August, but the selling rate accelerated to 94.9 mn units/year, from 90.9 mn units/year in July, according to the LMC* consultancy. However, in a whistling past the graveyard … Continue reading

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Western European Car Registrations Fall by -8.5%

“We suspect that last month’s strong sales may have been the result of an increased use of self-registrations by dealers and OEMs, ahead of further changes to WLTP regulations which came into effect on 1 September, and we may therefore see some payback in selling rates in the coming months,” says LMC.    Continue reading

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Global Light Vehicle Sales Start New Year with a Whimper

A worrisome ghost dancing across AutoInformed’s screen is that 2019 began in a cowed manner in most major markets with the weakness that has been evident for several months continuing. Chinese LV sales were again the most influential for the global market, with another double-digit YoY decline. China of course us is enmeshed in a Trump tariff tirade. Continue reading

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The GM Grinch that Stole Christmas, or Did It?

There will be a 15% reduction in GM’s salaried workforce, the closing of the Lordstown and Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plants in the US and the Oshawa complex in Canada in 2019. Baltimore Operations and Warren Transmission plants will also be shut down in 2019. The arrival of year-end auto sales data makes things clearer in the view of consultancy LMC. Continue reading

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October Western European Passenger Car Sales Drop -7.3%

Given the persistence of falling sales in several key markets linked to WLTP-related disruptions, LMC now sees 2018 full-year growth of a mere 0.8%, a little lower than previously. In addition, with the prospects for economic growth now looking slightly weaker in some key markets, LMC have reduced the 2019 West European sales forecast in volume terms with YoY growth seen at, gulp. 0.9%. Continue reading

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Hyundai Indonesian Plant: Koreans Versus Dominant Japanese and Versus Looming Chinese Invasion Threat

“Despite having a presence in the Indonesian market for more than a decade, Hyundai’s local business has been relatively small, with sales of just 936 units in the first eight months of this year. The only vehicle currently assembled locally is the H-1 (Grand Starex) MPV. Hyundai’s other models sold in Indonesia – the Santa Fe, Tucson, i20 and i10 – are imported and therefore subject to import duties,” says LMC. Continue reading

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What Auto Companies are at Risk Under Trump?

The U.S. accounts for two thirds of North American vehicle production, but there are significant investment plans and decisions in place at major auto makers to re-source capacity from Asia and Europe to Mexico, according to consultancy LMC. These are now under a Trump assault but are nonetheless expected to bring Mexican auto production from 19% of NAFTA today to 26% in 2020, no matter how bellicose Trump is. Continue reading

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June 2015 U.S. Light Vehicle Sales Projected Flat

The real party is being held by new-vehicle retail sales in June along with a corresponding retail seasonally adjusted annualized selling rate, aka SAAR, expected to reach their highest levels for June since 2005. Continue reading

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China Auto Sales Slowdown means Trouble in Detroit

If growth rates in the Chinese auto economy keep slowing, it means trouble for Ford Motor and General Motors, given their large investments in China and reliance on profits from the world’s largest auto market. U.S. automakers typically book revenue when vehicles are shipped, not sold. Continue reading

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September US Vehicle Sales Continue Growing

The sales of new light-vehicles are projected to increase by 6% to 1 million in September compared to last year, continuing the strong momentum of August. Continue reading

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Global Light Vehicle Sales at 86.6 Million Annual Rate

Sales of light vehicles remained robust in April with a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 86.6 million, up slightly from March. U.S. sales strengthened a t 16.4 million annualized, while the largest vehicle market, China, is now running at more than 23 million vehicles annually. Continue reading

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2014 U.S. March Auto Sales Forecast Up

New-vehicle retail sales in March are showing signs of improvement – projected at 1.19 million or +7% year-over-year – following slower-than-expected sales in the first two months of 2014. Continue reading

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